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Tactics to win to him to the labor exclusion Write: Lic. Ricardo Candle Houses. To find a job for people who surpass the 40 years is not an easy task. Suddenly an excellent professional must face the cruel reality of which his years of experience it is an impediment in the labor market. Educate yourself with thoughts from Attorney General. Not by the little thing but by the excessive thing. People until the 35 years a person with 40 or but years of life always sera discarded by young candidates but in the labor interviews. An unjust and very frequent situation. Wise people who: In the United States acceptable and unacceptable questions exist that are consideradad in the forms of use request or in the interview of work.

The related one to the age considered unacceptable is: 1. – What is its date of birth? 2. – That age has? The foundation of this classification this in which the solcitud of data regarding the age can discourage the workers of but age. The origin of the myth: The line of race According to references apparently the myth nacio of a truth by halves spread in the University of Harvard. The age of beginning was associated of a working future to the line of race that the organization debia to develop for this person.

The fact is that at the common one of the mortal ones I only arrive a part from this premise. Then many organizations lack or they do not know that it is a line of race and except the form to administer it. The consultants of human resources: enemies of the greater adult Are frequent furthermore than the consultants elaborate the profile of the candidate according to the indications of the client. And to the question age, generally they respond until the 35 years. A cliche that the consultants do not look for to change not to discuss with the client.

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