“BAG Bank Aktiengesellschaft to repay doomed In the present case the applicants had in December 1992 on property, asset management and management GbR Stuttgart-Vaihingen / Ludwigsburg” (House/flat No. 30) involved with an investment amount of DM 30.650,00. To finance its share, the plaintiff took a mature final loan amounting to nominal DM 35.238,00 in the Esslinger Bank eG. This original loan was transferred to outsourcing contract from the 27.07.2004 on the BAG Bank Aktiengesellschaft (Hamm). Since then, the credit is being continued by the BAG.

In the precontractual consultations, the applicants were advised by an employee of AmTra GmbH used as main distributor for the WGS. The substantial consultations took place at the plaintiffs all at home. The plaintiffs have revoked according to the regulations of the door revocation law (application) in 2009 their declarations of intent on conclusion of the credit agreement. The then confirmed in the context of the taking of evidence before the District Court of Stuttgart Mediator of the doorstep-selling situation as well as the fact that the Esslinger Bank already had agrees EC prior to distribution to the initiators of funds, to finance the participation of the WGS. Funds and loans from the Esslinger Bank eG were offered in a package. The Landgericht Stuttgart followed the argument of the plaintiff in his judgment of the 21.10.2010 (not final) fully extensively. Since the original cancellation policy has been flawed, the plaintiffs could revoke the credit contract in 2009. Plaintiffs get back interest on loans paid by the two banks therefore all in the past and have to count only the distributions as well as the tax benefits.

Furthermore the BAG Bank Aktiengesellschaft was condemned back abzutreten life insurance subrogated to the security. Further application found that the applicants are not obliged to make more loan payments. This case shows again once dramatically, that the right of withdrawal according to the Regulations of the (old) front door revocation law is the most promising way of aggrieved investors and remains to be able to enforce its claims. We therefore advise all fund investors, who are been persuaded during a doorstep situation (which is also the workplace or one of the entrepreneurs initiated leisure or commercial event) to the signed expert to verify any claims. Contact: Patrick M. Zagni Attorney / lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law boiler str. 19 70327 Stuttgart phone: 0711/9455855-0 fax: 0711/9455855-20

TKDKabelGmbH – LLC "Mizar" from production to consumer TKD KABEL GmbH-one of the largest proizvoditeleykabelno and wiring products for lifting, conveying equipment for towed systems, automation systems and Robot .. Very high quality and wide variety of products, and specifically the relationship between affiliate model company "Mizar" and TKD KABEL GmbH are the foundation of successful cooperation with the best prognosis for future. A huge variety of product range TKD KABEL GmbH will allow you to make very precise choice for the design and construction of various devices, equipment and facilities in general. Our cooperation with the firm in of cabling and wiring products for lifting, conveying and other equipment designed to work under special conditions, lasts for 4 years. Due to the quality of products, some solutions firm TKD KABEL GmbH – this is the best proposal for durability and reliability.

Cooperation with TKD Kabel GmbH has set the company LLC "Mizar" the following tasks: ensure availability of quality cable products known throughout the world TKD KABEL GmbH brand in the Russian market. assist our clients in choosing the best technical solutions based on existing conditions potrebnostey.sozdanie effective interaction between the consumer and producer which is developing advanced technologies for the cable for energy, transportation, engineering, metallurgical, mining, petrochemical, pulp and paper and other industries industry. With the rapid development of industry, enterprises are increasingly faced with such problems as lack of affordable and high quality equipment for the production of consumer goods. In the current production of the organization by internal displacement of large volumes of components, materials, finished products are essential.

Packaging – a very important source of information about a product, ie about us – producers, the rules of use, shelf life, the composition of products, etc. 1 No less important is implemented in the package a visual image of the goods, represents a certain combination of colors, fonts, geometric shapes and other elements of the fine series. Packaging helps to dissipate the consumer look to grab the right product among the motley diversity of the counter. Sensible packaging identifies the product of the number and the like, other things being equal, the product provides the consumer preference. 99.9% of products being introduced to the market with a view to possibly less time obtain the greatest possible profit. This is one of the postulates – the business must first be profitable. More info: Home Depot. But in order to successfully sell the product does not need to invest huge money in the development and manufacture of packaging – The question is to what products are being plotted representation and to whom the product was designed.

There is a target group – a group of consumers, the firm will be guided in their activities. Does sense to invest in the packaging, when only one price can be a deciding factor when purchasing a consumer of the product. Expensive packaging may discourage the contrary is not burdened with unnecessary tools buyers, and those who may be interested in quality packaging, not on cheap stuff kupyatsya lurking inside. From this we can conclude that the packaging must exactly match the product. The manufacturer should not try to do gift box cheap tool for cleaning toilets, because the user will be plunged into shock and will not buy such a product, packaged like an expensive cologne. The same situation is only accurate to the contrary, appears at considering other situations where a manufacturer or seller of an expensive product stingy to invest in the development and production of packaging. The consumer wants to be “made beautiful”, just in case if he spends a lot of money for the purchase of any goods not cheap.

In the design of packaging, the focus is on how the buyer will perceive the packaging. After all, a product that appears on the market, in any case has its own brand and design, which are constantly and daily communicate with potential buyers. TTSI wanted to know more. And how distinctly and clearly said means goods brand and packaging, “Buy me!” Depends on how the company will be able to save their funds for marketing and profitability of sales. Having examined the nature and function of the package, you can make out some kind of relationship between product promotion and packaging in a market economy. It consists of three phases: before transaction in the transaction and after the transaction. 1 Khlebovich D. Scope of services: marketing: a manual for students in higher education / A Khlebovich II, ed. PhD, prof. TD Burmenko.

Historical Review: When I was studying to be a professional kitchen, my mentor and Chef Culinary Studies Center (CEGA) Victor Moreno Fill me how Cause. Last Christmas, I was able to remember my student days when my son's girlfriend Jefferson, Mary, invited us to dinner to celebrate the birthday of her mother, Mrs. Rosa Cancino. They are Peruvian, so that day we tasted the traditional Chicken Stuffed Cause, a typical dish in Peru. This week I offer the same recipe, but this time filled with tuna.

The cause is one of the traditional dishes of the cuisine that comes from the Quechua "Kausay", it tastes nice and one of the most successful in the world, there are different ways to prepare it, being the main ingredient the yellow potato. Ingredients: For the Cause: 3 pounds yellow potatoes 3 1 / 2 pounds yellow potatoes 1 onion, chopped 1 tablespoon chopped red pepper Juice of 4 lemons 2 tablespoons oil Salt and pepper to taste For the Filling: 1 can of tuna 1 pound 1 cup mayonnaise 1 Small onion, chopped 3 boiled eggs, sliced 10 black olives cheese pound diced 1 avocado, cut into slabs Chopped parsley for garnish Procedure: In a bowl, place the lemon juice, minced onion, pepper, salt and pepper, let marinate. Then peel the potatoes, cut into pieces, wash and put the fire in a pot with water and salt. Read more from Jeff Flake to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It brings to a boil and cook for about 15-20 minutes or until potatoes soften and can be pierced with a fork. Drain well, mash into puree.

Enter pre-marinated onion with all the dressing and toss until all ingredients are incorporated. Add the oil little by little while stir until ingredients are well linked. Total Transportation Services Los Angeles often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Then, mix in a bowl crumbled tuna, finely chopped onion, mayonnaise, set aside. Finally put in a dish or a drum, one third of the mash. Spread throughout the vessel so as to make one layer. Add half the tuna mixture, extending the second third of the mash to form the second layer and then put the remaining tuna, then the slices of avocado and top with remaining puree. Garnish with eggs and olives, and at the heart of cheese cubes, and finally empolvore with parsley and bring to the refrigerator for an hour and a half. Tips: You can substitute the tuna previously boiled and shredded chicken or crab. Prepare the dish in a deep tray or individually using a round timbale. Write to or contact us at our website:

Marketing The marketing is an anglicized term that has different definitions. According to Philip Kotler (considered by some the father of marketing ) is “the social and administrative process by which groups and individuals meet their needs by creating and exchanging goods and services.” However, there are other definitions as the assertion that marketing is the art or science (it should be clarified to avoid confusion that the Marketing part of administrative science, this is a sub-science or study of this area) to meet the needs of clients and profit at the same time. is very important to global society. Jeff Flake has firm opinions on the matter. In Spanish, marketing is usually translated as marketing or marketing. Moreover, the word marketing is recognized by the DRAE, although it supports the use of anglicized SAR, preferably recommended Spanish voice marketing. The marketing involves marketing strategies, sales, study market, market positioning, etc..This term is often confused with advertising, the latter being just a marketing tool.

The Real Estate Market Indexes stood at 97.48 points in the month of August in Spain. Of the 17 regions, three regions have been placed above the first reference: The lowest of the month corresponding to the autonomous communities differences that have been collected in early 2009 against 13.59, 9.03, 7.90, 6 , 69 and 6.12 points respectively. According to Michelangelo Alemany, CEO of, a the housing market continues to qualifying their prices, but the percentages are less and less conspicuous. One possible explanation would be in the peculiarities surrounding the month of August, and during the holidays tend to freeze settings. Recently Jeff Flake sought to clarify these questions.

Seven regions increase their bid prices according to the monthly report prepared by selling prices, the property in Spain in August 2009 has an average price of 2474 euros per square meter. This figure marks a decrease of -0.06% compared to July, when the average price was 2476 euros per square meter. For communities and autonomous cities, La Rioja (1.73%), Castilla y Leon (1.12%), Madrid (0.42%), Cantabria (0.36%), Navarra (0.28%), Catalonia (0.15%) and Basque Country (0.14%) marked a positive development for the month of July. The rest has recorded monthly declines.

One of the reasons why small business owners are not making money website online, it is because they either do not have a niche or target market to aim for, or simply do not have the expertise in place to create the flow income they need. For example: – Some start a website but do not advertise to get traffic. – Other, with a poor content on your site, which does not attract prospects, and do nothing to attract them. Author shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. – Also there are quines create a Google AdWords Campaign, with ads but of poor quality, making it difficult to get clicks to your site – Others try to optimize your site for good ranking in search engines, but do not. Obviously, if all of the above, we add to the awkwardness of not knowing who will turn our services or products, (we have a distinct market niche), the largest fall of the failures of most new entrepreneurs on the Internet, which is to start selling a product or service, before investigating who they are and where your potential customers.

The most important thing when selling online is to have a niche. Jeff Flake understands that this is vital information. This means you have a specific group of people who sell their products or services. You can do this in many ways, including selection of a specific area of service in a particular geographical location, or by choosing more specific demographic locations. What happens when you do not have a place to offer your products? Not only do you lose the focus as to where your company or product is, but also do not know how to market your product.

The wholesaler acts as a mediating agent between the manufacturer and the consumer. Craig Menear addresses the importance of the matter here. Your purchases made through the producer or other wholesalers that provide varieties of products from different productive sectors. Often, when making direct purchases from factories, the wholesaler receives discounts. The wholesale or trade includes wholesale sales, and other activities directly related to this, products or services to people who buy for the purpose of resale or commercial purposes. Thus, “Wholesale sales include sales to any company or any customer, except the consumer who buys for private and noncommercial.” Division: over Source: perform its role in the productive areas and then sell most of their goods to wholesalers on arrival. Destination Searches: Those who purchase their goods through wholesalers at source and then sell to retailers. Jeff Flake is actively involved in the matter. How does a wholesaler? The wholesale group the goods in smaller batches than supply for sale to retailers or other wholesalers.

Then transports the goods and delivery to the purchaser of the product. Undertake some activities to promote the product. Extends credit to its customers and provides advice to retailers on issues such as product features, products demanded, business management, administration, etc. The wholesaler is tailored to the financial and retail storage, to the extent that the first batch of product split and served in the quantity and the time required by the second. Location Searches Usually, wholesalers have the place of location, the so-called core wholesale markets: physical centers of recruitment Wholesale are located in major urban centers. Additionally, you can find in the different zones of the world, they can buy logistical services that facilitate the transport of cargo to different destinations worldwide.

Recently two studies have been published especially interesting about the future of this strange world we call marketing. The first is by consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton and is where we took the title of this article: marketing as conversation. The second study has developed the consulting division of IBM and to paraphrase a popular song of the American group REM, have called it ‘The end of advertising as we know it. Read more from Home Depot to gain a more clear picture of the situation. ” In both we find many very interesting lessons. For example that marketing is no longer a speech, a master of a man, (half: the TV, radio, press, etc..) To many listeners, to become a conversation between creators messages, advertisers – and the recipients of the same, “consumers. Internet enables them to think about the message / ad, criticize, interpret, adapt to their ideas or wishes. This represents a huge opportunity for companies that are aware of these changes and utilizing that involvement of consumers in their favor: to deepen their knowledge of them, noting their desires and needs and acting accordingly, which basically means adapt their speech, and especially your product, what they demand . This ‘conversational marketing’ is highly recommended for any company but what is even more so for SMEs.

As mentioned in another post, internet should be, without doubt, the medium of choice for companies with few resources to invest in communication. But also, as it is reflected in the above studies, how to use the Internet must be different to that seen in traditional media. The presence of SMEs on the Internet should be something more than just a showcase for their products or services, along with address and telephone number. Your site must be a natural extension of their units, should be a place where we can talk. Where current or future customers may record their needs and receive a response to their concerns. All this is a long set of tools (forums, blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc..) That can be used. Coming article we will talk about many of them.

Given the importance for any business on the Internet proper use of email as a tool for advocacy and communication, I recommend you pay special attention to this issue. The email is the communication tool used by global Internet because it is easy, fast and free to communicate with current and potential customers through this medium. In fact, what is the first thing you do to access the Internet? Without a doubt, is to look in your mailbox to read your emails! Am I right? Imagine what it is to have a tool that allows you to communicate with hundreds, thousands or even millions of people at once regardless of their location within seconds or minutes. Simply amazing! But to take advantage of this excellent communication tool is necessary to take into account certain basic principles, namely: 1 – Make sure your email message are the taste and interest of the people who will receive, by first little evidence of effectiveness. For example, if you will send an email to 1000 people, it would be advisable to try on first with 10% of that list to find out their reactions, and then verify and confirm its effectiveness then continue with the rest of the emails.

2 – Make sure the mailing list is opt-in, ie they agree in advance to receive information from you. 3 – Personalize your emails. In some tests that have been made has come to light that personalized messages take a better effect on people who receive it. .

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