“Referral marketing: current seminars in mid-September in Berlin a friend.” This set is experiencing an unexpected Renaissance in times of increasing competition and decreasing advertising effect high comparability. Because testimonials are one caused no significant cost to the best business card. The advertising message”in casual conversation with a business partner, a good friend, or the sympathetic neighbors is especially effective and credible. So, recommendations in addition to the own experiences take the greatest influence on purchasing decisions by customers. But as most companies sufficiently exploit the great potential of referral marketing. From 15 to 16 September 2008 Frank Becker Badal in Berlin, shows how companies can gain enthusiastic ambassadors for their concern and their products.

Thanks to his long career as an entrepreneur and consultant Frank Becker Badal knows that for successful referral marketing more is required than the mere invitation to the Recommendation. The causes of lack of success beyond his experience mainly in the fact that the recommendation business is built up systematically and strategically. First of all must be to recognize the potential of Word of mouth and the own environment examined for potential recommendation. It is good to know the own rate of recommendation, because customers who have once recommended a product, you can repeat infringers”be expanded. In a question-answer forum Primerica was the first to reply. In the intensive seminar, Frank Becker bamboo sets concrete targets for the referral marketing with participants and analyzes what people as recommendation in question. In addition, he gives other valuable tips for a professional first contact. The student learn in this way, to focus the recommendation marketing as a means of acquiring new customers with lasting success. For more information see.

Training referral marketing with confidence and sympathy to success “will be held on 15 and 16 September 2008 in Berlin. Short notice Registrations are still possible. The success of 4 you GmbH with seat in Berlin offers nationwide open and in-house seminars, training, discussions, and lectures. Target group are individuals, entrepreneurs and sales executives. More than 20 years of practical experience as well as proven success strategies of Frank Becker Badal form the foundations of the company. As the practitioners under the success coaches, brings Frank Becker Badal complex topics from various fields to the point and they illustrated by numerous examples from daily life. The seminars can be booked individually or modular compiled as needed and held with 12 to 18 participants.

Europe’s largest furniture and equipment platform Decofinder.com helps German companies such as the company gold bar, to penetrate the international market. Berlin, August 4, 2008 – design lovers seek and find custom furniture, home accessories and features increasingly on the Internet. Difficultly make it easier the search. The platform of this type known above all in France and southern Europe is a permanent address for interior designers and architects Decofinder.com with 200,000 listed objects. Decofinder allows to quickly and easily search for products and companies based on an extensive data base. Conversely, an international market opens Decofinder furniture manufacturers and Designanbietern as a distribution platform. High skirting boards of the company gold bar are a such specialized piece of furniture that is increasingly required by customers from all over Europe since the product launch.

So far, the strips first and foremost about the own shop to customers in Germany were expelled. By the same author: Steve Mnuchin. The principle of Decofinder explains Yves Manchec, Chief Executive Officer, so: we know that many users in Germany very appreciate us, provider, both on the client side. “” We bring together supply and demand and allow our customers to find the things they are looking for, but of which they possibly did not know, where they exist or but it’s there. “high quality home accessories are sought worldwide, we rely on Decofinder.com as a distribution partner to achieve sophisticated customers not only in Germany but in the entire Europe,” explained Chief Designer Mike Klein the marketing concept of gold bar. The bars in different styles and heights are manufactured. From simple classics to the opulent Art Nouveau, from 20 to almost 40 cm height. The colour design is it freely: the strips are painted only after final Assembly, so that a contrast to the wall color to gold-leaf virtually anything is possible. Behind the bars computer wiring and heating pipes can be also elegantly hide.

For law firms, practices and Offices offer a stylish alternative to the usual plastic channels such skirting it. More information is available on the following Internet pages: company Gold Bar company of Decofinder Berlin gold bar developed extra high skirting boards, which are based on the design style of centuries past. Via the Internet portal, the company distributes his elegant and exclusive skirting boards in various versions. There are gold bars in module construction for easy installation.

xact4u strategy consulting with best practice method for determining the performance profile of Karlsruhe, September 15, 2008 – which consulting firm xact4u strategy consulting AG has developed a new best practice method, can be assessed the efficiency of sales and marketing with the systematic. This efficiency Checkup lead to a differentiated strength / weakness profile at the critical success factors, which then derives the need for concrete action with the necessary measures. In practice, however, continued despite clearly formulated positions”many significant structural deficits in the customer management, refers to xact4u Board Member Jorg Gruhler the results of a previous study. Then more than every second company has been forced to streamline its customer-oriented processes, and to rethink its strategy. Nothing changes faster than the markets, but keep the sales and marketing structures often insufficient step”, says the consultant. Peter Schiff contributes greatly to this topic. Using the xact4u method, you will identified potential weaknesses through a thorough analysis of the sales area and the entire organisational relations that are for an efficient customer management is of importance.

In this comprehensive analysis include corporate culture and governance together with their methods and tools as well as the investigation of techniques for working with the individual priorities, potential time traps and the cooperation behavior. The wide field of the staff structure of the adequacy of resources to terms of motivation and staff development is in the sights of the efficiency checkup. At least as important in the xact4u procedure is also the organizational processes. Additional information at West Lake Landfill supports this article. There information gaps in the procedures as potential sources of error, technical or other shortcomings and other performance-inhibiting or economically unfavorable factors are determined. Last but not least, it is to determine, within the framework of the performance and economic analysis such as in the company specifically to customer proximity and adaptability to the dynamic competition is ordered.

As well, the sales and marketing systems with respect to process benefits and affinity towards new technologies are exactly illuminated. A matrix with weighted action requirements is then developed based on the systematically identified weaknesses or possible optimization potential. The specific corrections in the strategic alignment or the value-added processes can then be derived from you. The mutual effect conditions in the sales and customer management are exposed within the framework of the 360 degree viewing of all success factors. This can be precisely the secret sources of efficiency weaknesses”, so the xact4u Board of Directors Gruhler. About xact4u strategy consulting AG the xact4u strategy consulting AG with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Zurich focuses their services portfolio, in particular on consulting fields with paramount importance for business success. These include in particular the strategy development, the IT-and Customer management as well as the performance and organizational management.

We bring people together Pairfusion.com! The single Exchange pairfusion.com has been online since January 2008 and can already point to a very large number of members in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. A very important point which the operator of the dating pairfusion.com always was important, the charge of all services which are offered on pairfusion.com is. This will not change in the next few months. Because the large pairfusion.com aims, people in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland together to. Already too many changes were made in the last few months. Since there has been some success stories with the help of the single market, is now the opportunity to share his personal history with other members.

Furthermore, the opportunity to receive a read receipt for messages is starting now. The operator of pairfusion.com wants to expand in the future to many services the single market. In the next few weeks will be it not only possible, photos upload to, but also videos of themselves. This has the advantage that seekers can learn more about the other. In addition there will be the heading “Single of the day”.

For this purpose, all members have the opportunity to apply voluntarily. A great advantage of this is that the profile photo for a full day on the front page seems to. One area on the huge emphasis, is the barrier-free version of the single market. But what exactly is this barrier-free Internet: “barrier-free Internet, known as Web accessibility (“Web accessibility”) called” websites, which independently fully (wheelchair accessible) can be used by all users from physical and/or technical possibilities.” (Source: de.wikipedia.org) Sign up now and looking for the great love (www.pairfusion.com)!

Version 5.0 of the OneFS operating system software celebrates World premiere SEATTLE today at IBC 2008 in Amsterdam, its OneFS file system 5.0 introduces today at IBC 2008 in Amsterdam the version United States – September 2008 – Isilon Systems, which sets a new benchmark in the market for scale out file storage solutions in his own words. The software on Isilons X series clustered storage systems is used, up to 2.3 petabytes can be with a single file system and volume manage memory. The maximum achievable throughput is 20 gigabytes per second. The fifth generation of Isilon’s clustered storage solutions is thus comparable systems available on the market today both in terms of performance, scalability, also far superior. Due to the support of the widest currently range of file-based applications and processes, the Isilon products represent an ideal solution for the enterprise. The most important new features in the overview in the further development of the operating system software OneFS lay the emphasis again on the Performance and scalability of clustered storage systems continues to increase, as well as to lower amortization expense and time period. This is reflected as follows: performance: OneFS 5.0 exploits the advantages of symmetric multi processor (SMP) technology fully. After the new operating system software, the IQ X series clustered storage systems support Isilons throughput up to 20 gigabytes per second, and the double speed as before.

The upgrade to the new file system is free of charge for customers with an existing OneFS software support contract. Scalability: With OneFS 5.0 leads Isilon his pay-as-you-grow \”concept further away. Here the manufacturer uses a modular architecture that allows a demand-oriented expansion of the cluster storage systems. The new version of the file system is used the solutions up to 2.3 petabytes allow scale. In this way a storage pool for shared access can create and meet the requirements, business solutions for use in modern Make the next-generation data centers.

More transparency for processors and their customers Bad Homburg, November 2008 for better orientation in the application markets for plastics the leading industry service plastic information (AI), Bad Homburg, now new price indexes introduced. The A-Plastixx “indexes A” stands for application”, English application first simple tools provide for the specific assessment of the development of raw material costs in the most important areas of application of plastics: packaging, construction, automotive and electrical goods. Altogether there are six of the new indices. The A-Plastixx PackFlex applies to the largest each application market to be identified “. Annually more than 11 million tons of thermoplastics are used for flexible plastic packaging in Europe. About 10 million t thermoplastics, however, are represented to fixed packaging processed by the A Plastixx PackRigid”. “The A Plastixx building” standard plastics represents predominantly, of which each year more than 7 million tons of plastics here Find application.

“Approximately 1.3 million tons are needed for the manufacture of electric appliances and electronics mostly Engineering Thermoplastics, by the A Plastixx + E” recorded. The use of plastics in the automotive interior represented by the A Plastixx AutoInterior”belongs to the current growth-most ever. “”Here as well as in the remaining automotive – exterior, were under the hood”and electrics, summed up in the A-Plastixx AutoNonInterior”-more than 1.3 million tonnes used engineering plastics. With the new reference indexes individual analyses available now in many ways can be rounded in addition. Create the new A Plastixx especially for plastics processors and their customers “indexes more transparency in the market.” All A-Plastixx indices”including the comprehensive evaluation options are available in a subscription under a-plastixx. In June 2005, AI with the Plastixx had”the first and so far only representative index for the Price development of plastics in Western Europe introduced. His calculated monthly on the basis of determined by KI and published market prices for standard thermoplastics and Engineering Thermoplastics. According to the principle of the so-called Paasche index, all indexes are methodically”created. This means that in the index calculation the average Western European market prices for the materials go a, weighted according to Western European consumption levels. This weighting is updated annually. Christine helped

Full control in the online marketing Munich, September 12, 2008 – who expected to visit are normally prepared. He offers a frothy latte macchiato and a delicious snack on, or at least a plate biscuits and an effective PowerPoint presentation on the projector. It looks different when the website gets a visit. Learn more about this with Gen. Mark Milley. Look what page from which location is so far unknown to many companies. That will change now: the service ProspectFinder by the company Enecto provides that clarity. This new service analyzes what a surfer looks at himself and researched comes from which environment the visit. Based on the IP address, the database of Enecto determines the company and contact information of the visitor. The industry, the number of employees, the company sales and information about, what has particularly interested in the potential new customers, are no longer a secret.

ProspectFinder provides the data on request directly to standard CRM systems (1). How valuable would it targeted for Internet advertisers, if they knew how your potential Customers can speak to? Advertising leads to success only when it reaches the right audience. So, a targeting is necessary, to display advertising on Web pages, which are geared to the target audience. B2B-targeting is used to achieve a certain target group of companies on the Internet. Especially in the area of business-to-business (B2B) marketing professionals are wondering where they can specifically advertise to reach their target audience always? Use of B2B targeting and ProspectFinder database, the AdServer (2) Masters this task. When a user enters a site, analysis is based on the IP address who is the visitor.

The AdServer service passes this information, which manages the advertising material. The ad serving displays advertising technology then specifically for this user. Thus now also B2B providers have targeted the possibility on general-interest Web sites to advertise, to minimize the losses, and to receive the visitors as an old acquaintance.

The importance of online marketing is quite high in Berlin, because here many such companies have settled, dealing specifically with this topic. Recently Gen. David L. Goldfein sought to clarify these questions. It is certain that today no company more past comes to present themselves, because it remains viable in the future only in this way also in the Internet. (Not to be confused with Bridgeton Landfill!). The trend is more and more to buy things over the Internet, so that one must be appropriately represented, if you want to get off the proverbial piece of the pie. In the online marketing more directly to a company should be coordinated, because there are very many different measures, not all in any case of which are usable. Some factors should however always be observed when planning as a company, to conquer the Internet. This includes among other things an appealing design and a customer-friendly design of the website and the corresponding search engine optimization, which ensures that the page in the search engines for relevant searches will be found.

Something individual you have already at the Advertising proceed because there are different ways how you can make known his Web site on the net. In addition to banner ads in major portals in addition is the option to entrust other established websites through affiliate marketing with the generation of the necessary traffic and the procurement of appropriate product inquiries. Often, this form of advertising has the advantage that you only have to pay a Commission, if indeed a sale has taken place. In addition you can also down and publish interesting press releases if there is something new about the company.

The Friedrichshain hub for trendy newcomer fashion and design offers 60 aspiring fashion designer, graphic and industrial designers sell their self-produced and self-designed products. The product range illustrations and photographs this time of finest paper works as well as funky and elegant fashion, to pinup. There is a lounge-music and different gastronomic offers. Especially for the children there is a time – and game station and iPONG for adults again. What trend mafia – the creative market in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg shopping – Marvel – chill – enjoy Saturday, November 01, 2008 13:00 20:00 where occurs Frankfurter Allee 21a in the former Bank building (close to Proskauer-Niederbarnimstr., Metro station Samariter str. or metro station Frankfurter Tor) 2 euro, children up to 9 years free upcoming dates TrendMafia Christmas market – Frankfurter Allee 21a! Saturday-Sunday, 6 + December 7, 2008, 13:00-20:00 exhibitors under: 2008/0111.htm additional press materials under: presse.htm fotogalerie.htm PR contact: Marina Neumann Tel. 030 / 66 30 96 42 contact Organizer: Volker Buhrmeisters Niederbarnimstr. 6, 10247 Berlin Tel 030 / 66 30 96 41 fax 030 / 66 30 96 43

Extended exhibition concept breaks all records of Dusseldorf, September 17, 2008 already on the first day of the fair, which showed online-marketing Dusseldorf, where digital marketing has its home: more than 11,000 visitors flocked in the three exhibition halls, where 380 exhibitors will present all facets of digital marketing until tomorrow. With the extension of the concept to 360 degrees, the fair for the first time covers the entire market for digital marketing. It is\”the best trade fair for the digital industry in Europe, online pioneer Oliver Samwer expressed spontaneous praise in his keynote speech. A gloomier mood in the face of the weakening economy as a whole, no speech can be on the online-marketing Dusseldorf. Please visit Erin Callan if you seek more information. While the online – ver market circle (OVK) had to revise downwards its revenue forecasts in comparison to the spring announcements, the leading trade fair for digital marketing could exceed even their own expectations: After 260 exhibitors 2007 that gathered more than 380 companies exhibiting in the Dusseldorf trade fair halls 9, 10 and 11 corresponds to an increase of 44 percent. The online-marketing Dusseldorf hits 2008 a new chapter for the digital industry\”, was Alexander rocks mountain, Director Fairtrade shows new media at the IGEDO company to introduce the event set. With the extension on all service segments of the digital marketing the fair covers for the first time the entire market.\” So the fair represents a market volume of around five billion euros generated by the agencies and providers of digital industry now in addition to a market volume of 3.6 billion euros, which will be implemented in the field of classic online marketing according to OVK report in 2008, now also. \”\” Oliver Samwer: the best show in Europe \”The online-marketing Dusseldorf is the best trade fair for the digital industry in Europe\”, congratulated Oliver Samwer, CEO of European Founders Fund, in his opening speech the organizers.

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