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Develop the ability to technological, scientific, economic yhumana this position is very important and impact me because it includes precisely the human material that personal concept is the most important thing in an organization and the scientific quality that is essential for innovation and generate contributions to society the important promote the culture of work on computer that creates the synergy that makes all the goal a reality with greater ease for these reasons it is important to use open systems for the need for the company than the protagonist of all the strategies the ideal is that they are the product of the ideas of many people who are committed fully to the company because in this way the will to execute them is complete also is urgent that workers have spaces where can express with freedom as the obligation of the organization is to foster a sense of belonging It is the fundamental basis to run the company as a company; The application is in the form of critique our country are the richest geographically we have innumerable natural resources but we are the poorest economically speaking because the resources have not been used properly in addition that we do not have the appropriate technology or invest is research which is the fundamental basis for having a strong scientific capacity, nor we were interested in the human being of our Organization so there are no guarantees to be competitive in the world market for achieve this objective we have to rethink many of the concepts that we are imprentando and understand that everything is in our hands simply is required to evolve our thinking. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Federal Reserve Chair. Adapt to the conditions of the environment organizations should not be exempt to change because this is vital to the evolution of the company, transformed to adapt to all the trends of the market and the environmental conditions which you must constantly communicate with all staff of the company be under constant self-assessment both employees and the company and that all the elements that make up the work as team but not tied and governed to the thinking of the general manager what is required are people that challenge all the decisions that it takes the company and where relevant intervene only for the sense of belonging that must have all employees, also be trained to learn innovative policies and forget policies obsolete company, so all this can pass we must begin by flexible mechanisms that rather than imposing will motivate personnel to develop objectives for progressive growth the Organization, also open the frontiers of thinking on the basis of equality, every one of the people are equally important and indispensable for the Organization; Application is related to the opening of markets and specifically the FTA is something that afternoon or early going to get but most of the people in Colombia are not prepared for this event by which we will be too difficult to adapt to this reality by which you is a very important question is prepared for this event.. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bill Gates. . Yitzhak Mirilashvili has similar goals. .

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