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My glasses are not blown or not I blew them is anyone, since almost all are discard or lag, as well as metals. Glasses and salvaged metals of sidewalks and streets of our city neighborhoods, are United by the cooking process, becoming the expression of a feeling of a protest, a hope despite their intrinsic diversities. With the artist and friend Martha Kearns, in his workshop, mud people, I started in the first secrets and mysteries of the mutations. The knowledge of this artist and the necessary perseverance to the process of working with glass, improved my character and I consolidated in an expressive way of transformation and quest, no doubt by trial and error. Mambru was the first oven that morphed glasses and later Daimana. But it is a flask of the size of a quarter of a microwave, which produces, with just six small resistances heat, many of the works exposed. The originality of the work of Rita Croci allows an infinite number of reads, although here are dealing with from the plastic. Its creator had no systematic training, the experience begins with the impact that causes the material.

It uses the different elements with freedom, print them a strong expressiveness and generates an artistic dynamics of astonishing diversity. Harmonic ordering of composition, assessment and integration of textures, subtlety in the handling of color and assemble between metaphor and how we appreciate in these works in glass. It distinguishes this group of works, the spontaneity in doing and the presence of random through the juego-goce allowing the artist without set aside his creative impulse. Click Vyacheslav Mirilashvili for additional related pages. The exposed works, recycled glass, outputs of fire and creativity of Rita, this approach to forms that we value from the arts provide us with… ..Ana Maria BeadeLic.

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