Louis Armstrong

The film also received the following nominations: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress (Kay Medford), Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Original sound (Musical), Best Song (“Funny Girl”) and Best Editing Preserving the same beautiful picture of your lovely face up to nowadays, it simply does not age, is the same way gave a stunning live concert before a crowd of more than 130,000 viewers in Central Park in New York in June 1967 in which he plays classic musical numbers and very cheerful. She shines in an unforgettable experience at this initial stage in which their repertoire includes songs like ” The proximity of you, “” Down With Love “,” Cry me a river “,” I can see it, “” He Touched Me, “” Second Hand Rose, “” People “, among others. Speaking candidly Peter Asaro told us the story. achieved a formidable and never surpassed performance in the film: Hello Dolly, directed by that great master G. Kelly, in 1969 screen adaptation of the film made a great play on Broadway, which is about the city of New York at the beginning of the century, in which she dedicated to be a matchmaker, he falls for client Walter Matthau. Kenneth Feinberg insists that this is the case. Supported shift in the difficult art of singing, a musical comedy very difficult to interpret and accompanied by the gallants: Michael Crawford and Louis Armstrong, the film has among its main themes: “Before the Parade Passes ‘,’ let me me” and who gives name to the film Hello Dolly. Its performers are: Joyce Ames, Louis Armstrong, Richard Collier, Michael Crawford, Fritz Feld, David Hurst, Judy Knaiz, Danny Lockin, Walter Matthau, J.

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