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One of the characteristics of the Federal Government is never to face the front problem and yes to launch packages, Programs and action that although great potential of media presents few practical results. Examples do not lack: – hunger Zero was a great launching but in practical the Brazilians not yet it has access to […]

In workmanships contracted under the regimen of administration, all the acquisitions and acts of contract if on account accomplish in name and of the contractor, inexisting the necessity of forma bill of sale emission of services of the contracted one in benefit of the contractor for the simple reimbursement of expenditures. Limited appeal provido.’ ‘ […]

Which age the moment to fulfill the promises of campaign in the social matter? The society was waiting a reply of the government because it had chosen the new government to move, does not stop being the continuity of the previous one. Although the reluctance or failure in some programs, as ' ' hunger zero' […]

You are wanting to quit the financing of its vehicle and are infuriated with the value charged for the financier? He learns if to defend of this abuse and to just demand the value for the repayment (anticipated liquidation) of its financing of vehicle. Unhappyly he does not have still a law that he compels […]

To find a system work in house can be an arduous and ungrateful task. Robotics is often quoted on this topic. I go to disclose a system here that I have used whenever necessary of some extra money. He is very simple, of the o its work, but he functions and he brings true money […]

1. The first idea you must have clear is that of a customer acquisition cost. Do this what? To get a client, have to perform a costly endeavor: a promotion, an advertisement in newspapers, gifts, party, regardless of what you do, there is always a cost associated with this action. This is how you start […]

Already victims of this decurrent tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami are entered. The total estragos I think that never we will know in numbers. Perhaps the plant construction atomic it was a decision politics made right for the controllers and that for this they had opted. Coming back to the earthquake of Haiti, we […]

The study sample that, in 18 of last the 20 years, the stock market most income-producing of the year was of an emergent country. ' ' The problem is that in almost all the cases this same stock market was the recordista in fall in the year seguinte' ' , it says. Data compiled for […]

She has an objective clearly to give security to the data bases, that have difficulties in Justice and does not want enfrent-las’ ‘ , the project affirmed Dino.Por, the data bases will have right to offer the risk analyses on the consumer to its customers, that is, the companies who make the consultations in the […]