The Event Market

The event market moves between 5,000 and 6,000 million per year in our country (according to the annual market study group). The sector enjoyed a major boost for the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92. Read additional details here: Peter Schiff. That decade saw a creative explosion and the proliferation of big events organized by institutions and companies. The event quickly became a resource often used to launch new products and transmit messages.

Thus, from the late ’90s and early ’00, the events gained importance and entered into the marketing mix, becoming an experimental communications tool designed to appeal and communicate to all the senses of hearing. In this context, many agencies were set up events and conferences and the DMCs (Companies engaged in the destination management) began to develop their offerings and know-how. Continue to learn more with: Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. On the other hand, sprang up and Venues Convention Bureaus in different Spanish cities and there was a marked improvement in infrastructure, places and spaces for corporate meetings (convention centers, auditoriums, conference rooms in hotels …).

Currently, there are over a thousand agencies that specialize in hosting major events (not including activities such as business dinners) and 25 000 professional organizers are active events that are dedicated to organizing events, agencies or internal departments of companies ( not counting the millions of professionals working in the sector as interpreters, hostesses, catering, audio-visual …). The advent and evolution of the sector group. With growth of the sector in the nineties and fed by the Internet boom in 2000, the group was born as a platform for making, professionalism, cohesion, institutionalize and support the market and the first meeting planners.

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