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By means of neo-liberalism is also no compulsion to allow fixing wages by the state and reducing public spending. This was implemented in Honduras in the form of structural adjustment by Decree 90/90 which involved introduction of the tax package, devaluation of national currency, all under pressure from bodies international lending (IMF, WB). 3A a […]

Dear, an Internet entrepreneur. This article is intended for all who want to create your own business! Business is business activities for financial gain. Options for such activities very much, but they can be divided into two groups; 1.Traditsionnoe entrepreneurship, trade, services to the population. 2.Biznes on the Internet! Or in other words e-commerce. That […]

But by using this form, be aware that providing documents in electronic form is not sufficient. It can be used only with the paper documents. In order to realize the possibility of representing information in electronic form, applicants for state registration of legal entities of the Federal Tax Service in the Order of March 23, […]

In any era clothing and footwear were the means by which people could express themselves eloquently to others. Of course, to meet each other "on clothes" – a trend out of time, as clothing, its value, brand, style reflects the social status, personality traits, occupation of the owner. The value of footwear and clothing for […]

These are the most common mistakes. Clearly identify it to avoid making: Belief that everyone is your prospect: This is the most common error made by the vast majority of networkers and has its origin in the use of outdated technology such as the already known “hot list.” This practice was successful years ago when […]

Modern medical special clothing is very individual. There are many variants of shapes and sizes. In the last ten years have become common form-fitting women’s gowns, tastefully accentuate the outlines of the body. Medical gowns, by the way, is not one hundred species – are different collars, all types of fasteners, laces, etc Recent developments […]

If the appointment list in spite of my statement remains a secret for you, write down my words in large letters and put it under glass on your desktop a table or hang on the wall and constantly recite them to myself until it reaches the final. If the purpose of your list is submitted […]

Contact at that office, which is geographically closer to you, or that which you recommend your friends and do not torment yourself choice. Quality of service registrars around the same as for the registration of "small" company compliance with any corporate niceties in general cases is not required. Tip Two: Be prepared to march on […]

On the Internet, recently often discussed the problems of E-gold: Will it survive? Some analysts argue that all will decide the U.S. presidential election in the autumn 2008goda and depending on who comes to power, Democrats or Republicans will be decided the fate of kompanii.Drugoe opinion – in E-gold just temporary trudnosti.Mezhdunarodnaya payment system E-gold […]

We must not dream of a heavenly society in which all conflicts have been resolved. Accept that there will always be conflicts, and even have to accept that you can not remove the disgrace. I would say, even as we are happier we are also more vulnerable to disaster. Edgard Morin A good management knows […]

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