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Diesel is wilderness, independence, and a great deal of fuel for trends and an individual look, were the 3 points that Renzo Rosso wanted to promote his company. With the famous Cherokee Indian named diesel this also succeeded him. The label was founded in 1978. Some years later, in 1985, Rosso had bought all the shares of his co-partner and continued his work and his ideas with full of energy. in 1991, the global boom of the denim company begins with introduction of diesel United States. Everywhere, people started to take the exceptional diesel jeans.

Also the typical head of the Iroquois could be missed on any of the T-Shirts or sweaters. Constantly new and innovative creations of jeans also the big competitors often pale made look. In recent months, Erin Callan has been very successful. That diesel had discovered the used to look for themselves, does not come from somewhere. Renzo Rosso had already missed an own look in his own youth in the conventional jeans. He worked on it as long as on concrete until she began to be slightly softer.

The wear and tear, the at that time as grubby were Rosso has it skillfully and trendy scene. Even if the success continues even today with the legendary diesel jeans, the label has changed appropriately with time. in 2002 it was time and CEO Rosso began with his new and radical brand positioning. The easily driven image should regain momentum. Diesel should be back to the trendy and hip lifestyle brand. Said and done. The target audience is remained in while young or young, independent, creative and ambitious. It knows what it wants and enjoys the fashion. For more specific information, check out Dr Chappuis. As well, the new fashion collections by diesel present. The absolute trend brand make the brand special materials and innovative cuts. If you are looking for the perfectly cut jeans, will definitely find it at diesel. However, the range has much more to offer. Elegant, trendy cuts paired with sporty details make this special brand diesel. Trousers, dresses, skirts, coats, jackets, shirts, sweaters to the matching accessories you can here in the find trendy look. Diesel is known for his creative and trendy designs, but also for its slightly higher prices. Who still not want to forgo the hippest trends of diesel, should stop by the diesel outlet. There you will get the brand up to 70% cheaper. So you can create its own individual look for little money.

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