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There two vocational qualifications – E.g. as geriatric nurses, health and nurse – can be purchased in three and a half years. The welfare work is involved with the else-Heydlauf-Stiftung as a practical training ground from the outset. Bildungszentrum welfare work for the education center of the welfare work that celebrated sein30 anniversary last year, […]

“Referral marketing: current seminars in mid-September in Berlin a friend.” This set is experiencing an unexpected Renaissance in times of increasing competition and decreasing advertising effect high comparability. Because testimonials are one caused no significant cost to the best business card. The advertising message”in casual conversation with a business partner, a good friend, or the […]

Hamburg coach linked to personality development with cruise vacations Hamburg 26.10.2010. Linen Los for business success: for the first time, executives can connect personal business coaching with a cruise vacation. The new “coaching-cruise” of the Hamburg-based management consultant and coach Leonardo Castiglione stands from 6 to 13 and from 13th to 20th November 2010 in […]

Increasing number of jobs brings rise in Berlin in Berlin are currently the best job prospects of in Germany. Recently Fundrise sought to clarify these questions. “” That announces the world “in its online edition, citing the quarterly study of staff and temporary employment provider manpower”. According to the survey among 1,000 nationwide employers, the […]

Entrepreneur is breaking new ground in the sales of products from the wellness area new the entrepreneur Barbara Fenske from Neustadt/Weinstrasse is breaking ground in the marketing of anti aging products. “Under the motto: where is the human-centred” she sells in Germany (and worldwide) anti-aging and wellness products and a lucrative sideline or a full-time […]

“New customer magazine of the German skin and allergy e.V. (Similarly see: Fundrise). 2010 Hamburg, d. September 18, 2009: Markus Gruber that exclusive marketing of the new customer magazine skin & allergy has since August 2009″ the German skin and allergy e.V. (DHA). taken over. Initial release date of the new magazine, which is aimed […]

Educational institution in Cologne offers 6-month course in times of Web 2.0, social networking and Google advertising can afford hardly a company, to abandon an online marketing expert. At the Berufsakademie of bm education in media called mbh in Cologne can sales and marketing professionals specializing in the field of online marketing and to increase […]

“CTE communication wirte to purchase the Bachelor of Arts degree from October in the future is for all courses of the new CTE of study system the possibility, through additional postgraduate studies Bachelor of Arts” to purchase the EUFH. The appropriate postgraduate courses have been specially designed on the CTE program of study, so that […]

Andreas Schmitt pushes email marketing at GTC and forced white-label solutions for agencies: Stuttgart, the 22.03.2011 the GTC TeleCommunication GmbH expands the own email marketing solution to their clients and pushes them to white-label solutions for agencies. Product Management E-Mail Marketing and product development responsible from now the Wirtschaftsinformatiker (VWA) Andreas Schmitt (30). The main […]

Professional situation improve through use of graduates of vocational rehabilitation the vocational promotion work Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) is waiting to the end of the year with new and customized opportunities for vocational rehabilitation, offered from January 2014. Thus, the BFW Leipzig responds to the demands of the labour market. Vocational rehabilitation offers the possibility, newly […]