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Just nothing do not try! All guaranteed to be delicious – and guaranteed unwashed. Of course, the fruit as a gift did not you bring, but the spices – a good option. Any owner would be happy such a gift. Please note, spice you in conventional bags: it's all sold for its own, and not […]

Sozopol is a confused little town with a lot of gypsies living there. Sozopol is a very nice small town, where there is an old and new parts, an active new construction close proximity to the sea and very hilly terrain, all the while walking or from a hill or mound. Honestly, we have chosen […]

there are also many unique gifts and souvenirs which you can purchase in Peru. Almost all of them are handmade by old technology and keep the warmth of the mountain sun and skillful hands, who invested in them in the production of a piece of the soul master himself. On the streets and squares of […]