Peruvian Gifts

there are also many unique gifts and souvenirs which you can purchase in Peru. Almost all of them are handmade by old technology and keep the warmth of the mountain sun and skillful hands, who invested in them in the production of a piece of the soul master himself. On the streets and squares of any of Peruvian towns and villages you can see the local Indians, with calmly knitting on the needles, smoking pipes, strumming folk musical instruments, or just drinking yerba mate. It is not hard to guess that all of the above can be a wonderful gift for those who are looking forward to your return home. For example, a gift set for drinking tea, mate, is incredibly popular in many South American countries.

Brewing and drink it – the whole ritual. “Right” will be considered only the material, which is drunk through a metal tube with a mouthpiece and the filter is on the ends – (or, as usual for us transcription fish is) from a special vessel – kalabasa. Made it out of the pumpkin variety , specially dried and decorated with carved or burnt images. For Peruvian kalabas typical drawings that mimic those most famous figures from the plateau Nazca. Add a set of several kinds of materials, and a wonderful gift for the boss loving pochaevnichat lunchtime, ready. However, your best friend – lover of the exotic, to give such a kit also is not shameful. By the way, the mysterious figure with the Nazca adorn not only kalabasa, but also a variety of t-shirts, youth textile rucksacks, all kinds of leather goods, purses and bags.

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