The Relationship

"I guess you're not thinking about anything serious with him live he asked with an air of concern Natasha, I do not like Ruth reproach me you did hurt your child, if it ends badly and then another and this is what most concerns me, it belongs to a religion other than that we profess and I do not think they could have a real relationship -. "Please mom! – Answered in an angry and offended tone between Tati-seems not to know me. How many times do I have to repeat that I like adventure. That the relationship lasts only as long as leads me to discover the other person, because when I know and I can get ahead of what is going to do or say, I was totally bored! I told you this, how many hundred times ?…… …. Thousand? I will not have a serious relationship until it is very, very big girl. And even then I can promise that it would be able to be with one person all the time. It seems overwhelming.

I've told repeatedly that my goal is not the same as yours. Do not want to marry. Not even if you someday have a child. I'd say try to understand mom. They seem to have been useless sometimes we have tried this issue. You have not grasped that I am not you and that I have your same dreams, not your ideals. I do not feel able to share my life with anyone except with my profession.

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