The Identification

One of the biggest damages that if can cause a child is to take it to lose it the confidence in the proper capacity to think. The learning difficulties unchain alterations specify in acquiring, understanding, to organize, to store or when using the information. They are factors that affect capacity of the person to understand what it reads and it hears. Beyond what, they develop difficulties in the verbal or written language, the coordination, the self-control and the attention. The learning difficulties that more are observed frequently are the dislexia, the disgrafia, dislalia and the discalculia.

The first one is observed in the exercise of the reading. Second it is related with the orthography, listening, speech and relating. The dislalia, in turn, is the omission, distortion, substitution or addition of sounds in the said word. Already the last one is tied with the mathematics. Dislexia the dislexia is a fonolgico riot, in the area of the language, a mental image that the sound has and involves rapidity and precision in the access to the mental lexicon, in the fonolgica memory of work and the fonolgica conscience.

The dislxica child at the beginning presents serious difficulties with the identification of the graphical symbols of its alfabetizao, what she causes failure others areas that depend on the reading and the writing. The main difficulties are the delay to learn to speak; to make a bow; to recognize the hours; to the act to catch and to kick the ball; to jump rope; to write corresponding numbers and letters; to command the letters of the alphabet, the months of the year and the syllables of long words; to distinguish left and right; to the difficulty when pronouncing long words and planning and to make writing. If it cannot leave to consider that the dislxica child is intelligent, but that, on the other hand, she is overwhelming due to collection and, to give account, starts to want to guess, trying to make a compensation, as normally the individual looks for to make in its difficulties.

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