The Behavior

Stoner, James assures: " The factors that they cause, they canalize and they sustain the human conduct in a particular sense and comprometido." 6. Koontz, Harold affirms: " The motivation is I finish generic that is applied to an ample series of impulses, similar desires, needs, yearnings, and forces. 2. Of this we can determine: 1. The motivation is the tool that by means of the observation and the knowledge of the reasons for each individual, obtains that the people conduct battles that generate results.

These results will depend on the degree of knowledge interpretation of the surroundings, and is influenced by the conduct. 2. That after an analysis that determines the degree of motivation of the individual, the development of techniques can occur like final result to surpass the emotional weaknesses that impel the specific actions of that individuo.2. The Reasons. In order to determine the reasons we analyze the behaviors that take to the motivation 1. The Behavior is caused: That is to say, an internal or external cause exists that originates the human behavior product of the influence of the inheritance and the environment. The behavior is caused by internal and external stimuli. 2.

The behavior is motivated: In all behavior &quot exists; impulso" " deseo" one " necesidad" one " tendencia" exhibitions that serve to indicate the reasons for the behavior. 3. The Behavior is oriented towards objectives: In all human behavior a purpose exists, since there is a cause generates that it. The behavior is not causal nor random, it is directed and always it oriented towards some objetivo.4. The motivated conduct requires of will. Also, the motivation presents/displays certain components such as: A necessity, is the yearnings to satisfy some deficiency or physiological imbalance (water necessity, foods, etc.) and psychological (company necessity, to acquire something, etc.) is fundamental for the species, can be innate or acquired, as the hierarchy presents/displays Maslow is determined by social physiological needs.

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