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They are able to cover any wall, pergola or pavilion for its long, curved ozami and many beautiful and fragrant flowers. Zakharenko Tatiana Director garden center "Taviya" (Kiev). 15 minutes at each meeting with a rose seems to be doing the same thing: is leaning towards her and deeply inhale the aroma. How easy it is to deliver joy to people. If you are, of course, an English rose garden worthy of gracing eco-design. Once David Austin read a book about George Bikers old roses, since they captured the idea to create masterpieces of selection. History Austin Roses In the first experiment of breeding roses seemed to be that they have significant drawbacks: a single bloom, a limited color range, susceptibility to some diseases – all of this was totally unacceptable in today's world of roses. So he decided to recreate the romantic look of an ancient roses, saving her from defects.

The first results of his selection – 'Constance Spry' and 'Shropshire Lass' – were similar to the old roses with a glorious flavor, but it bloomed once a season. It is these varieties served in the future starting material for the creation of other cultivars, where one of the most important achievements was the re-flowering. And in 1983, the exhibition in Chelsea presented 'Graham Thoma' and 'Mary Rose' – rose, quite similar to the classic. The unusual shape of flowers, reminiscent of old English roses, a complex combination of colors and, of course, a distinctive flavor to distinguish them from the sets presented novelties.

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