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Who runs genealogy is, in the course of his research process to gather a variety of genealogical data, and store. The computers and the Internet to facilitate this work significantly. Thus support the genealogists genealogy programs in the management and treatment of genealogical data. The software takes the storage, analysis and presentation of data in […]

Recalculation is carried out as follows: Sc = SH / KH * Kc, where Sc – the sum of the average salary used to calculate any charges for the month of A; SH – the amount of charges, taken into account in interpreting the average salary for the month in the calculation of B average […]

What is SharePoint? Platform Microsoft SharePoint – a suite of software products and technologies to be installed on Windows Server and provide users with a framework for collaboration through the Web interface or using a web browser and software MS Office. This makes it possible to quickly create and edit Web sites to work together […]

According to head the Russian branch, German Kuznetsov, the project will ensure the effective integration of the new unit for the first quarter of customer base increased by 30 offices percent. The company Saint-Gobain HPM Rus – trading arm of the famous French holding company Saint-Gobain, which opened recently in Russia. The company Saint-Gobain was […]