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Tissue fibers vary in composition, structure and, therefore, properties. There are two types of fibers: natural fibers and chemical fibers. The main features for classification are: chemical composition of fibers and their area of origin. Natural fibers, natural fibers have a natural origin. This group includes the fiber plant, animal and mineral origin. Natural Fiber […]

People want to paint the hair for various reasons. Some people do not like it or not is the natural color of hair, some want to give your hair a fashionable color, because there is a fashion not only for clothes and makeup, and hair styles and color on hair, many people want to get […]

The purpose of the "Alliance Logistics" is to find the best solutions to client problems posed by the organization and implementation of transportation. If necessary, our experts take over care of the delivery, such as meeting, post, upload, shipping and unloading of cargo. We will arrange shipment of merchandise of any volume, size and denomination, […]