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Many of us know perfectly which means linear or so-called income also salary which is the money that we receive each month to be hired as employees in any company existing on the market; also people who are independent professionals know what it means to receive income for the specialties of which were trained. We […]

Social relevance of the work in the life: Social responsibility for the services, image of the institution and social responsibility of the company with the collaborator. Picture 2 – Criteria of the Model of Gauging of QVT of Walton. Source: Fernandes (1996), Rodrigues (1998) and Vieira (1996). 3,6 Ethical procedures the research took care of […]

Sometimes it seems that you live another’s life. What a strange feeling comes when you think that all of this with you already – this move, gesture and the same words. And you feel himself an observer of events. So who are we, the rulers of their fate or blind artists of someone’s will, or […]

One of the biggest damages that if can cause a child is to take it to lose it the confidence in the proper capacity to think. The learning difficulties unchain alterations specify in acquiring, understanding, to organize, to store or when using the information. They are factors that affect capacity of the person to understand […]

It is a way to sell at a loss the expenditures, to make company the mother and aged father, being that in this process the grandmothers finish helping in the creation them grandsons. The cohabitation, even so contributes for the firmao of the familiar bows, also is the cause of gratings familiar conflicts. You denounce […]

Intuition – is a natural organ of perception of the outside world and interact with him to every normal person. As well as touch, charm, hearing, sight, etc. And we realize it or not, but we enjoy this feeling every day when we needed before making a decision for some time listen to our inner […]