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“. At present, and this happens to us because they were not sighted, the job search is the most acucienle of the difficulties they encountered in the human beings in this life. There is a high unemployment rate (according to relevant statistics, the last reaches heights of 19%. Very high, no doubt, if we compare […]

Spencer fears, not without reason, that to get as varied, active and dominant state action, it would impose significant burdens on part of the nation working for the benefit of the pampas. And it's true if it should benevolence to the point that the pampas have to work to live, to which never may, _-it […]

But today we have the possibility of communication networks that can not stop and others that are filtered or cancel without being able to stop them. Fight before dying: Of course not disappear on Earth, but whether there will be major collapse, huge fights, aggressive floods misery, etc., Etc., Then who can assist in their […]