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At this moment that is in this transformation he appears great studious as Binet and Simon, creators of Escala Metric of Intelligence, that was an instrument that it marked and marks nowadays until different the conceptions of educational intervention and that it comes bringing for thousand of pupils with educational necessities I friction special it […]

Sometimes it seems that you live another’s life. What a strange feeling comes when you think that all of this with you already – this move, gesture and the same words. And you feel himself an observer of events. So who are we, the rulers of their fate or blind artists of someone’s will, or […]

Despite in a general way, let us recognize the loss as factor determinative for the possible disappearance of the group, this also can serve as reinforcement in the continuity of the reales. Being the relation ' ' fan and dolo' ' a relation between individuals, the loss in this represented case of full form through […]

The previous definitions do not consider one of the fundamental aspects in concerning the DP: the origin of its creation, its own creator who is neither the more nor less than the own MAN, the HUMAN BEING. It creates that Right by means of the state or international organs so that it governs a certain […]

But, exactly thus, the majority believes that it is all good in leaving the private capital to assume this responsibility. Few bind for the administrative deficit that is proven to each annual edition of these programs. These televising events if had become a routine, a custom, something common that it portraies the gentility and generosity […]

Intuition – is a natural organ of perception of the outside world and interact with him to every normal person. As well as touch, charm, hearing, sight, etc. And we realize it or not, but we enjoy this feeling every day when we needed before making a decision for some time listen to our inner […]