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It is Jrgen Stark and it has communicated east Friday its resignation. It will remain in the position until they find substitute. Economist j of the European Central bank (BCE), the German Jrgen Stark, has submitted east Friday his retirement application for personal reasons, but its opposition to the purchase of national debt of the […]

Ramon Santaularia/the detractors of Erdogan and adversaries of Islam fear that Turkish prime minister can be perpetuated in the power. The elections of this Sunday will give with a victory (except for enormous surprise) of Erdogan. Today, those that feared Islam of this, think that their fears were unfounded and exaggerated. The opposition fears a […]

For million people affected by world-wide the economic crisis, a place exists that symbolically represents why of all problems: Wall s$street. For the Americans in addition it has special meaning because it is in his territory and it is the main artery of the financial heart of New York, where they annoy some of the […]