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The current law is the law not repealed or abrogated by the case and also the rules that are in vacatio legis. Therefore, part of the law does not force the Peruvian Constitution of 1979, the Peruvian Civil Code of 1936, the Code of Procedure Civil Peruano, 1912, among other rules repealed. In this research […]

When studying the autonomous entities is necessary to study other branches of law as constitutional, administrative and law of succession (that the sequence is an autonomous body, which as such is rarely studied by the authors.) trade law from different states is not equal in this sense it is necessary to study the law of […]

The conduct studies on legal issues sometimes the subject studied is part of another larger issue, it is also necessary to know in order to understand more fully the subject studied, for example when studying the security rights is necessary to consider also the guarantees. In this regard a legal issue to legal persons is […]