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On trips, they frequently arise unexpected. Why is that the best, these cases is preventable and take adequate measures to avoid problems. It is purchasing travel insurance. Medical insurance cover possible medical emergencies by accident, illness, allergies, fractures and other complications. She is mainly linked to circumstances involving attention and benefits, which tend to be […]

Spanish and Scottish researchers have added wool fibers to clay material that manufactured bricks and have joined them with alginate, a natural polymer that is extracted from algae. The result are a few bricks more resistant and ecological objective was elaborate brick reinforced with wool, and obtain a more sustainable, non-toxic compound that use abundant […]

Netanyahu, if left any doubt, has made it it clear: there will be more settlements in Palestinian territory and new buildings in the old city of Jerusalem. United States, this time, seems to have been angry with its strategic partner, but let’s not kid ourselves; not let be an empty gesture of content, like that […]

You must think about each moment that all what you do you can do better, just have to do it. Marketing activities increasingly introduces new innovations which require to be considered by the management, and then by the market manager. There is a very interesting topic as concerning to lateral marketing that involves creativity, innovations. […]