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What could be worse than the worst movie? Of course, “The best film – 2.” It is difficult to say what guided Garik Kharlamov when creating his movie (and is the second film), but the result was back on his face. Film disgusted on all counts. Disgusting story (if you can find it there) is […]

Last year, one reputable institution has signed a contract with the well-known online store Amazon, which provided testing e-book Kindle DX in the process of learning by American students. All training manuals and textbooks were provided to students in electronic form, books were given 62 students and 10 teachers. The results of the experiment, to […]

In the Moscow State University Press hosted a meeting of employees book industry. At the invitation of Lena B., Head of Department of the book business, and AA Stolyarov, dean of the publishing industry and Journalism in the audience on Sadovaya-Spassky came the book industry professionals to discuss vital issues. Panellists were asked to identify […]

Progress does not sleep, and over time have more shares. Our ancestors lived together, and then wandered through the dugouts and huts, but still ate together, fought, hunted, had fun. Today we have to live do not need cooperation, but the desire for communion is preserved. Movies as an opportunity to socialize, have a good […]

And another group of people can see the same thing very differently – they have, then another concept. For example, creation of the world can be explained scientifically, but religious people will say that their own, completely unscientific concept of creation was God. And, of course, scientists, and God would criticize each other, but that […]

Top tips. Appreciate your skills. First, you will be free to speak for everyone, but if other people make money on your music, you will without doubt be included in the money "share". Be part of the site action. Most private clubs with strict control of the Faith are self-contained and they can not get […]