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For the first time, the art of Australian Illustrator for fantasy fans in Europe is available. Art Publishing and discovery of international, highly gifted illustrators and artists presented another asterisk of the young art scene with beautiful works of art from March 2010. Enchanting because it’s fantasy art. The young countrywoman Selina Fenech is Illustrator […]

For 25 years, the artist Lisa Peters in Stuttgart engraved. Her expertly crafted designs in glass and metal work by an artist. See also: a well-known painter from Dusseldorf is Lisa Peters from a family of artists, his father Hermann Peters, a well-known landscape painter from the Bavarian Forest, her mother Hedwig Peter Bors, who […]

Painting – exhibition at the Gallery Depelmann the notion of metamorphosis”stretches for many years through Kramer’s work. He stands for the development process, in the which the image through the overlay by solid undergoes various transformations, is considered the artist but also mental life principle, which gives rise to something new from the deliberately created […]