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Ahead of the summer, and you longingly looking at short skirts and shorts in the windows? You should not hesitate: Modern Beauty will help you forget about problems with the veins and superfluous hairs. Let your feet will be the subject of pride and admiration of others! So, solve the problem number one stood out […]

I would like to paraphrase a famous saying and writing that do not face paint Woman and girl – her face. However, there are exceptions. I have a very good friend who even on their wedding day did not use any cosmetics, except for the rouge. No, no, she did not spit on her looks! […]

What do you know about painting, more artistic painting? I think that some of the facts, so I want to tell more about that. Art painting – the most common and the technology used is quite simple, available and practical. For even more details, read what Dennis Lockhart says on the issue. With this type […]

Russia has seen a boom hand soap raboty.Chto Whatever was said, and what would not have cited statistics – the welfare of the average Russian has been steadily increasing, and therefore are widely used goods and even pleasant, to some extent useful, but not so much needed. How else to explain that in Russia there […]

History of Israeli cosmetics company Desheli was founded in 2008. It is part of a major international holding company DP group, which has existed for almost 20 years. During this time he was set up five companies of various kinds. It help holding up its work in 10 countries. Desheli is the most promising area […]