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During the construction of houses, baths and other buildings is one of the desires of the builder – the duration of the conservation buildings in its entirety. For this use in the construction of wear-resistant materials, or apply special processing of materials. However, excessive handling of the material leads to an increase in its value. […]

At present, virtually no major construction company can do without the diamond tool. The unique development, which appeared half a century ago, are increasingly gaining market building tool, not leaving no chance for competition, classical methods of processing a building material. What is so unique diamond tool? Diamond tool was widely used due to a […]

Foam concrete – it is a light porous concrete, which is made of cement, sand, water and foam Moreover, the foam can be created using conventional washing powder. Foam provides the solution necessary content air and even distribution of the material. Once the solution dries, inside the concrete form closed cells filled with air. The […]

People have always wanted to own their own homes. Imagine life on earth without decorators, plumbers, masons, welders, carpenters? This can not be! After all, most likely a specialty, as the builder is, perhaps, most meaningful. From year to year are converted building technologies. And although the main building materials remain the same, it’s gypsum, […]

According to general director of Novosibirsk, the developer of the Soyuz-10 “Alexander is flat with no trim and is 30% cheaper than buildings used on a turnkey basis. The latter option includes the full range of alignment, plastered walls and finishing of walls, floors and ceilings, installing plumbing, engineering systems, doors, etc. Thus, the housing […]

Polystyrene – a new material on the market of building technologies. He appeared on the market about ten years ago. The processes of manufacturing products from this building material is continuously enriched with innovations, and this Why is expanding the range of their practical application. Polystyrene is the material component, similar in its functionality to […]

For making a window unit uses laminated veneer lumber, used as a glazing windows. In larger houses and apartments to exit to the garden or to go from one room to another using portals. This word comes from the Latin porta, which means "entrance". Currently the portal is called the main entrance to the building, […]