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About 'Tiens' – is a diversified multinational company that combines research, industry, trade, real estate, education, culture, service, transportation. The main activity the company is to manufacture hi-tech products based on the latest biotechnology. 'Tiens' was founded in 1993 in 1995 to launch their products on the market began to use the system of multi-level […]

Effective method of promotion of sites offered by technology viral marketing. The advantage of doing business online is a large geography of our users – potential customers. An increasing number of Internet users increases the scale of these businesses. Use this advantage online business is possible through building their own businesses, thereby increasing profits at […]

He met with the marketing policy of the company (or even helps to formulate it), defines the key positions that are of interest to the client customer, offers a variety of options for the structure and helps to formalize the terms of reference (this document is necessary programmer for further work). Thus, we save client's […]

Like any document, a letter must be neat and well structured. All this shows the recipient that you cared about its convenience and it is important to you to make a good impression on him. If you send a letter by mail, make sure that the letter itself, and the resume and envelope – good […]

Most of you may once downloaded various files, and someone other than this and upload. So, is this possible to earn good money. Jeff Sessions often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A natural question – how? Yes, all very simple, file sharing existing pay you money for something that your files download. Race for […]

As a functional trainer, I often talk with groups of participants, as an expert in sales development with vendors at retail outlets, as an employee with managers and colleagues, as the girl with men, as people to people. All these negotiations are totally different, but there is one common point, without which I am not […]

Remember: in HR is no "right" and "wrong" answers to any questions. (Is that with the exception of heart knowledge of individual articles of the Labor Code. But, it is in paper form, so as not to score an extra information down. We can always take off the shelf and to clarify this most "correct" […]

Once posted resume contact with the employer, find out whether the summary came, and when we find out the answer about your candidacy. Resume template can take my own: Name Date Birth: Address: Mobile: Email: Desired Position: … …. Salary: EDUCATION: Possession of a foreign language: EXPERIENCE Period (dates), company name Responsibilities: Special Achievements: I […]

Closed Joint-Stock Company "RosKabelSvyaz" Our company has over 10 years. It all started with the fact that in 1999 a group of young and enterprising people entered the market, offering his services to Railways, Unified Energy System (FGC), Gazprom and others large companies and construction and assembly firms. For the first time about his "RosKabelSvyaz" […]