Russian Industrial Exhibition

Closed Joint-Stock Company "RosKabelSvyaz" Our company has over 10 years. It all started with the fact that in 1999 a group of young and enterprising people entered the market, offering his services to Railways, Unified Energy System (FGC), Gazprom and others large companies and construction and assembly firms. For the first time about his "RosKabelSvyaz" said a company with low-cost, high-quality cable railway in the supply mains and power positions cable products to Railways. Cable has always been in demand, sales grew rapidly, expanded product range, increased sales geography of Russia and the CIS, were formed new relationships with factories manufacturers. Today JSC "RosKabelSvyaz" – dozens of employees, well-coordinated team, professional sales, procurement, accounting and office management. Modern approach to shipping, using different vehicles, the implementation of delivery times, customer service, constant control over the production of the cable at the plants, made of CJSC "RosKabelSvyaz" a strong and reliable supplier of the cable to key challenges facilities in Russia. JSC "RosKabelSvyaz" constantly improving in their work: analysis of the situation is constantly busy production plants at 10-14 and placing orders for them on projects and requests of customers.

Conducted permanent collection of market information of wires and cables, updating information on the availability in the warehouses of the cable company "RosKabelSvyaz" and the manufacturers, production cycles, improving the prospects and lower prices for raw materials and transportation services, which allows the staff of the company to maintain a high level of professionalism and quick decisions. Despite adverse economic conditions last years JSC "RosKabelSvyaz" reached a new level and had great results and is expanding rapidly. The volume of orders at the JSC "RosKabelSvyaz" increased 1.5 times compared to the same period last year. The number of full-time employees increased by 2 times. Head of Organization Syrolev Leo V.

trained for senior management in the United States. In 2010 JSC "RosKabelSvyaz" was a party International exhibition "Russia-Kazakhstan 2010" carried out by the International Association of Peace Foundations "ZarubezhEkspo" in Astana, where she was awarded the medal for economic cooperation. JSC "RosKabelSvyaz" – winner of the Russian Industrial Exhibition "Expo-Russia Kazakhstan C 26 to June 29, 2010 in Kazakhstan held an exhibition "Expo-Russia Kazakhstan." Many participants from all over Russia gathered in Almaty to exchange experiences and establish business contacts. Stand JSC "RosKabelSvyaz" aroused great interest among visitors and exhibitors. This is not surprising, since "RosKabelSvyaz" for about 8 years working in the market of cables and wires and it really is that offer its customers. Regular partners have appreciated the quality of the company's reliability, speed, low prices. New partners expect a lot of mutually beneficial proposals – "RosKabelSvyaz" works with many producers of cable products and has established itself as a stable, steadily expanding organization. At the last exhibition company has been awarded commemorative medals "Economic Kazakhstan-Russia cooperation, "the exhibitor of the International Association of Peace Foundations" Zarubezh Expo "Aviation Company" Transaero "and representatives of hotel Swissotel Red Hills "CJSC was awarded" RosKabelSvyaz "prize – certificate for two company representatives RosKabelSvyaz ZAO "on the fly in business class on the route Almaty-Moscow-Alma-Ata and two-day stay at the hotel swissotel Red Hills "in Moscow after the last exhibition "RosKabelSvyaz" expanded the scope of their contacts. Now we know about her, not only representatives of Russian companies from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, but also companies in Kazakhstan and Germany.

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