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Market information services in Russia today – one of the most dynamic and fastest growing. According to statistics, the number of Internet users in Russia currently stands at eight to ten percent of the population – And this is just the beginning. The process of transition of Internet services in the category of mass, which is just beginning, makes investments in information technology among the most promising investments. In Moscow alone, this segment market have already risen to $ 140 million, while the number of users reached the two million people. Of course, the whole of Russia the situation is much more difficult – do their dirty work obsolete equipment and lack of communications, but it is obvious that the development and spread of the Internet, these factors will not stop. However, to date there is still a significant geographical heterogeneity of distribution of Internet users: high concentrations in Moscow and St.

Petersburg, but at that in recent years, a decrease in the separation of the capitals of the regions – and certainly in the future these figures will also decrease. There are several basic ways to connect to the Internet in Russia today. This is a modem connection (dial-up, ADSL), satellite access, access via mobile phone (GPRS) connection and a dedicated line. They differ according to the principle of work, types of the equipment and technical data (basic is usually the speed of data transmission. Modem dial-up connection – the oldest and most widely used method. The main drawback – low data transfer rate and employment telephone line.

Now gradually being replaced by ADSL-technology. In fact, it is also a modem connection, but with much greater speed and without load the telephone line. The main drawback – high prices on modems and connectivity. In addition, depending on the network provider, the price of traffic can be up to 2.5 rubles per megabyte. GPRS-connection suffers from the same drawbacks as the dial-up, except that it does not need no equipment, except for devices connecting the phone and computer. However, the price is even higher traffic than ADSL-connection – varies depending on the operator and up to 7 rubles per megabyte. The compound of the dedicated line – this is laying the cable from the provider connection point to the user's computer. Pluses are obvious: it is constant and stable Internet connection, high speed. The cost of connection is largely depends on the distance from the access point provider. Radio access – wireless Internet connection. The main disadvantages are the need for expensive wireless modem and a high monthly fee. In addition, the speed and link quality is strongly dependent on weather and distance from the station. The main advantage is mobility of the modem within certain limits – but, despite this, the radio access is not too common. Equally specific type of access is a satellite, where the prices are pretty low traffic, but the link is only in one direction, and outgoing traffic must use another form of connection. DnMotor.Ru

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