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Once posted resume contact with the employer, find out whether the summary came, and when we find out the answer about your candidacy. Resume template can take my own: Name Date Birth: Address: Mobile: Email: Desired Position:

… …. Salary: EDUCATION: Possession of a foreign language: EXPERIENCE Period (dates), company name Responsibilities:

Special Achievements: I GUARANTEE: Responsibility at work, a great desire for professional development, commitment, teamwork, punctuality, creativity, which helps successful performance at work, and most importantly, good results. ADDITIONAL SKILLS (mini-presentation itself) Computer skills at the expert user (full package MS Office), an experienced Internet user. If you are applying for any creative position, your resume should be unique, designed in the form of presentation. 2. After the successful placement of an invitation to properly resume writing, I repeat, correctly drawn, you will receive invitations from employers. Or by e-mail or by phone. Email: finding work you can create a separate box to avoid entering into a stupor of employers such as nickname (again, all material taken from personal experience):,,. If you are interested in the vacancy, call the employer and schedule an interview. Phone: If you leave a resume contact phone number where you will contact the employer simply implore you to remove the melodies that sound instead of beeps …. a little weird. When you call a candidate and there is “Vladimir Central.” On the phone to talk politely, not Recruiter interrupt the question “Dap pay and where you are.” Once you have arranged for a meeting, place of interview you can dictate, or to send via email. If you send by email, to confirm the meeting. In response, letter to write “thank you for the invitation to such number in such a time will come for an interview before the meeting.” Pollny text articles.

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