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Do not think they are and how you can change your life. How often do we neglect this important part of Formula for success, and keeps himself busy schedule. So, for you I have a 5 secrets of prosperity! Right now, think about it and answer me: I want to change your life towards financial independence and success? And if You seriously have decided to radically change your life, here I can help. And why not? It helped me and I have no doubt that will help you. But, if you help yourself. And how could it be otherwise? After glavnre protagonist is – you! Thus, Here they are, these five secrets: Secret One: Keep track of events at the end of each day, starting today, pay for 15 minutes then to scroll through the events of the passing day. Think about what you do, where to go, with whom communicate. Think about what worked and what did not. What would you like to repeat, and that they would like next time do it differently or what they wanted to avoid. Try to remember the events of the day in detail, minute by minute. The secret to the second: Record, weigh and measure your life experiences can be a wonderful source of value, but only if everyone use it, if you can find for your prosperity, the time to write, weigh and evaluate. Ultimately, the difference in the life that lives or that person is determined not by what happens to a man, but by how a person relates to what is happening to him.

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