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1955 was the death of the pulp in the U.S. but there was a CF boom in Argentina, the magazine Men of the future of material removed Editorial Austouding horsefly and Starling Stories, takes three numbers but puts the emphasis on local translation and in the Black Flame Weinbaum appear in one Jose Alberto Quintana Cordoba engineer, as a protagonist. 1953 1957 Beyond the science and fantasy magazine mother of unusual quality has its rise, led by HL Gold and later HG Oesterheld. Was a subsidiary of Galaxy and edited by deliveries classics as The Day of the Triffids Wyndham, works of Robert A., Asimov, Bester, Clarke, Sturgeon, Bradbury, etc. The local writers were Oesterheld, Asquini, Cobarrubias, Peres Zelaschi, Mariotti also had areas of scientific diffusion, test, and good illustrators.

A few months before the earth orbited Sputnick Beyond left out, those who laughed at the crazy futuristic silent. At the same time came Urania, namesake of the Italian magazine that only took two numbers. Minotaur Porrua founded by Francisco Paco takes the relay. 1956 Collection James Fantaciencia Muchnick out 14 titles. 1957 Acme Agency Robin Hood out of space, appears in The Oesterheld Eternauta of Zero Hour magazine who was the greatest exponent of the local CF and to recategorize the comic. Six years empty with the exception of the Utopia collection (Ed. Malinca) published three titles by Jack Vance, and the development of Hector Raul Pessina The Argentine published by Science Fiction Review newsletter format that becomes a fanzine but founded the Club Argentine CF.

Minotaur Porrua returns but in magazine format, with a local edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and SF, in about ten numbers makes a sampling of the new wave of writers. Gemini 1965 with two numbers and under the direction of trying to return Oesterheld Beyond roads. . . and is contained in its pages a fictionalized version of The Eternauta. Latin American literature is booming worldwide. An anthology is published under the name Fantasy Horme Equations (1966) with a foreword by Dalmiro Saenz, on the same appear: Rodrigue, Langer, Usandivaras, Abbey and Rascovsky. He also edited books on the genre as World of CF and CF Capanna. Goligorsky Reality and Psychoanalysis of Marie Langer. Other works published in that period are Gorodisxher Opus Two of Angelica.

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