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Soon after this, the clay, already as brick, is ece of fish to dry in the sun and, after two days of drying, it is ece of fish in the ovens, where the three days are burnt by a period of two. After the burning, the bricks they are ranks to cool for action of the time or for industrial fans so that, after cooled, the had employees as carrying can place the bricks in trucks and, finally, they can be used. 4? FACTORS IN the ACQUISITION When we plan the purchase of the blocks, some aspects must be considered. The localization of the plant or industry, therefore this information will be able to raise or to diminish the cost of the load, as well as the possibilities of logistic available (highways, railroads, etc). Salient that palet (192 units) of ceramic block weighs 1.260kg aproximadadmente, whereas the concrete load arrives 1.710kh (35% difference). To if acquiring ceramic block: dimensions and the name of the recorded manufacturer must virr in the product, confer if the ceramic material well was burnt beating lightly in the product. Blocks of quality present an acute sound.

To if acquiring concrete block: they must be homogeneous and to present the alive edges (straight lines), its surface must be enough rough to guarantee tack of the product. In a general way, both must be submitted to the humidity test, to have certainty of that they do not absorb much water and conferred its specified dimensions. 5? ACT OF RECEIVING AND MANUSCRIPT To verify if the company in compliance with execute to the norms techniques, with accompaniment of a laboratory and quality control. To observe the analyses of the dimensions, compressive strength, determination of the specific mass and absorption and retraction for drying, must be observed in the concrete blocks, however nothing it hinders of this analysis to be extended to the ceramic brick, preventing future problems with units you damage, or it are of the dimensions.

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