You may say, there is a polygraph, he decides who is right and who's not. In fact not so simple, the polygraph is a machine that records the performance, cheat mathematically intervals and ranges, gives some algorithms and nothing more. There are a million factors that machine can not see without notice and does not understand "why some manufacturers do not believe polygraphs that claims about the original 98-100% reliability of the information received on their devices. Polygraph – a device awesome, but without the high-class specialist with it can be "cut all of the wood " Because the final decision is made by man, directly opposite (Hung with sensors) sits another man, and the decision of the polygraph depends sometimes too much – from a simple "take on the job or not take," to more serious follow-up, changing the lives of people. The ignorant can smile, experienced polygraph and understand what they mean. Moral burden rendering a guilty verdict Of course, someone probably is easy, but personally I always morally hard to blame people, particularly serious crimes. Fortunately, there is a moral justification for compensation in cases of innocent people fear of mistakes A portion of the probability of making a wrong decision, at least hypothetically, it is still the same prisutststvuet? Do not feel like somehow, their wrong decision to miss the real threat of damage to your subjects to their employer in the future, and even worse – to break someone destiny The tremendous psycho-emotional loading Work polygraph requires constant exertion of all thought processes and the mechanisms of perception, hence the exhaustion and fatigue at the end of the work, especially if the topic seriously and deadlines for large number of people. .

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