Peruvian Constitution

The current law is the law not repealed or abrogated by the case and also the rules that are in vacatio legis. Therefore, part of the law does not force the Peruvian Constitution of 1979, the Peruvian Civil Code of 1936, the Code of Procedure Civil Peruano, 1912, among other rules repealed. In this research only examines the current Peruvian law on legal persons. This work is not a positivist study, but in the States belonging to the Roman-Germanic legal family law takes precedence over other sources of law. 9. Justifications “n of this work Investigation” N Some matters are regulated by a single rule such societies are regulated mainly by the general law of 1997 Peruvian companies, and securities by Peruvian law of securities, but this does not occur in all subjects, for example to study the guarantees () in Peruvian law is necessary to study several Peruvian norms of positive law. To study legal persons in the law in Peru is necessary to study several rules of Peruvian law, among which the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984, the general corporation law, the general law on cooperatives, the banking law, and individual law of limited liability company, mainly. That is, in the Peruvian positive law there is no single rule governing all legal persons exist in Peruvian law, which is justified by researching legal persons in the law in Peru. That is, with this study facilitates the study of legal persons, that besides studying the associations, foundations, committees and peasant communities and societies and other legal entities such as cooperatives and individual limited liability company.

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