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Intuition – is a natural organ of perception of the outside world and interact with him to every normal person. As well as touch, charm, hearing, sight, etc. And we realize it or not, but we enjoy this feeling every day when we needed before making a decision for some time listen to our inner feelings. I for example, by nature a man with a dominant intuitive way of perceiving the outside world and always take the tough decisions only intuitively. Very often, I committed such actions, which did not fit into the framework of common sense and everyone in bewilderment and incomprehension twisted his finger to his temple. And only after some time everything falls into place and I received dividends from their seemingly incomprehensible to the human mind solutions. And those who had laughed at my choice, now with astonishment shrugged and did not stop to ask me a question, as I have in that situation could have known that it was necessary to act accordingly. And sometimes happened in exactly the opposite.

I refused to seemingly win-win and profitable deals, as the inside does not feel that this is really my way. And again, all failed to understand this, as they tried to talk only with its logic. That is, they say, if it now promises a benefit, then why do you refuse? But I enjoyed when deciding your inner intuition, which told me that we should not accept this proposal. And, of course, after a while I was again convinced of the correctness of his choice, and around again with a puzzled shrugged. I can foresee in advance your comments about the fact that very often a person takes intuitive solution, all within his right shouting "yes" just the accepted solution, and then it turns out that the choice was completely wrong and led to failure and disappointment.

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