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Non-availability of regional language programming means that Microsoft will cost to translate their products into a minority language such as Catalan: a question of costs But it is understood that everyone sees as the most natural thing in the program to make letters, reports, budgets and presentations not available in the language. This is the situation. Fortunately, that is no longer true. It seems that Microsoft, properly “encouraged” by their agreements with the Government of the Generalitat, has taken note and has done its homework, so only for new users of Office 2003, there is a patch available at no additional cost that is ideal for program Catalan 4. e) Encouragement of illegal copying Yes, I admit it: In the past I’ve illegally copied and pirated copies of software provided to students who asked me.

Given the costs seen above, I have chosen to evaluate the need for my students that intellectual property rights of manufacturers. But above all, there is a very important reason for me to do that: unaware of the existence of alternatives. Recall the informal survey I did of my students last year: a total of 16 students, only one had legally purchased a license of Microsoft Office. The percentage of illegal copying in the field of Office Automation students seem well over 47% charged to Spain for the “2003 Global Software Piracy Study” 5 published by the BSA (Business Software Association) 6. Office automation training continue to maintain today’s standards of “Office = Microsoft Office” is to perpetuate the illegal copying of software or, worse, spreading underground so the goodwill and standing in front of this activity.

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