Natural Tiles

Also, natural tiles are not Static electricity, not flammable, is an excellent sound insulation materials, has high thermo insulating performance, has excellent waterproofing properties. In addition, we note that one of the best ratio quality, durability and price in the market is ceramic tile Braas. And one of the best on the market of cement-sand tile is a cement-sand tile Roben. Still a number of so-title of the elite roofing materials belongs to natural slate. This stone is created by the nature in the bowels of the earth for thousands of years. Its durability and resistance to adverse effects allow the roof slate to serve more than 200 years! Colors ranging from green to gray. Slate tiles may have different views, sootvetsvtenno and modes of presentation are quite different. This diversity makes it possible to cover the roof of different types of complexity.

Natural slate for Truth is one of strong materials for the roof. Extract stone slate process is time consuming and very expensive. Accordingly, the cost of the roof is not enough money. Because of this, and to this day slate roofing really – elite roofing. Once we started our review of the most elite material for the roof, then go further down the hierarchy. Accordingly, we consider further such roofing material such as composite shingles. Metal with a sprinkling or composite Shingles is a cross between metal and ceramic roof tiles. It consists of a metal base, which has a contoured shape to the metal surface caused alyumotsinkovy layer that is securely protects against corrosion.

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