Marketing of Attraction

Marketing of attraction is method that ultilizado to attract the people who are sedentas for information of value that can decides its problems, today in the Internet can find people that are to look for information, for especiualistas that dominate one definitive subject that can of some form solve its problems. When the people discover that you have information that she can change the life of them, quickly they go to want to know of you of what you make and go to want to be to its side. The people want to be of the side of people who like, trust and adimiram, with these pillars you can construct to its list of future customers and partners. The great error of the people who work with businesses in Internet marketing is not to make the attraction marketing and yes to play information of its company, products and services without first conqustar the credibility that is the word key for the success. In synthesis the attraction marketing is developed in the following way: 1 – You disponibiliza gratuitous information videos tutorial, courses, ebooks etc. 2 – to have access the gratuitous information the people fill one register in cadastre leaving its data of name and email.

3-You you order e-mails with information of access of the course, video and still in this email to place its telephone and email person to enter it in contact and to know that a real person exists. 4 – When you to receive the linking from this person speak that she is made use to help in what needing and she hears what it has to speak. 5-No says of its business the people wants to know of you not of its business, at the certain moment they goes to want to enter in its business for its credibility. Making the attraction marketing you can create its roster who adimiram ………… continues reading ……

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