When we look at for the forms to increase our businesses, to the times we run for types of fast solutions. We look at for the business most recent, on what he is new in the market. But he has a simple thing that you can make today, that does not cost a cent, and that goes to transform its business total. A thing, that if you to make this every day, go to create loyal and satisfied customers. is so simple, that the majority of the people thinks ' ' yes, I know of this, but he has that to have something mais' '. Valuation of the People the people yearn for to be valued above of almost everything, and still the majority of the companies and businesses seem to make the opposite and to show as they do not value its customers and partners.

Commentaries not are returned (showing that the time of the person is more valuable of what the customer), the regular customers are not remembered, and the critical claims and are seen as being something of made a mistake with the customer and not with its business. If you to look at for any study the only one thing that differentiates a business of success of failed other is the form as it values its customers and partners. To value the people is a disloyal competitive advantage. Not only with words To value a customer is not something that you place in a mural and go to start to happen. This requires a change. She is necessary not only to speak chewing the words, but demonstrating through its action as its customers are important for you.

Words as ' ' the employees are our greater patrimnio' ' or ' ' the customer always comes in first lugar' ' it is rhetorical empty. He values the people not with the words but with the action. The great question the people need to be valued. Everything that you need to make is to look at for each one of its businesses and strategies of marketing and if to ask: ' ' She will be that this makes that the people if feel valorizadas' '. If not, it is hour to make a change.

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