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Remember: in HR is no "right" and "wrong" answers to any questions. (Is that with the exception of heart knowledge of individual articles of the Labor Code. But, it is in paper form, so as not to score an extra information down. We can always take off the shelf and to clarify this most "correct" answer. Better yet, seek help from a specialist in labor law). Strictly speaking, you can give any answers to the questions of professional the nature of the employer, as long as you yourself have a clear understanding and the ability to deploy to justify the answer that you gave. In the end: one of you a specialist in personnel management? A specialist on definition, you, and this means that, in professional matters you do not have to echo around the head and try to guess the "right" from his point of view the answer. Specialist differs from the layman, that is formed his own point of view on any trade issues and is ready to substantiate this view and show.

So no "shkolyarstva" in the interview – be confident experts! 4) Especially sorry to observe where some of the applicants admitted to the interviews a large number of communication "irregularities" such as listening attentively companion, interrupting him, trying to argue "from scratch place, "overly emotional, or vice versa," sandwiched ", etc. Sufficiently serious mistake is the failure to "balance the initiative" in conversation, when the applicant says a lot more of the employer, clearly zhivopisuya own dignity and literally "choking air" for their excessive activity, not allowing the head of the organization to ask a question or just paste replica. The interview is not in the form of a dialogue (equal partners), and transformed into a "star show in front of appreciative audiences and uncomplaining." Often this excessive "entuzazizm" caused excitement in the situation of the applicant interviews, or overly diligent desire to show in a better light. But by the employer such behavior is often perceived as a swagger, arrogance, or even aggressive. Even small communication errors ("roughness") have the property in the course of conversation accumulate like a snowball. Impression of the head of this "strange" device, which seems to be in a professional capacity should be able to ideally find a common language with different people, will inevitably be flawed – you make on a negative impression. The best communication strategy here will be relaxed and receptive (attention, interest, acceptance, understanding). Your self-presentation (backed by a well-written resume) should be brief and capacious, and then 80-90% of the time the interview should be to communicate in partnership dialogue. I hope that the proposed suggestions here will help managers to manage staff successfully completed interview and get a good job in good organization. Good luck!

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