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“. At present, and this happens to us because they were not sighted, the job search is the most acucienle of the difficulties they encountered in the human beings in this life. There is a high unemployment rate (according to relevant statistics, the last reaches heights of 19%. Very high, no doubt, if we compare these with those at the moment some European nations. And so I say ‘Naciones’-states, because in Spain we must agree that the last name them as ‘autonomy’, under protest to some Spanish … I do not know why they do not want to recognize that they belong to).

We will always as our ‘family cancer actual’-the lack of work “, continues to affect much of the Spanish population, found water at the neck to make ends meet, and paying the installments for repayment of the floor that was thought to be owned, and over the years … And we want everyone same: work. We try to be fit and select the one that wakes us some pleasure to play it, so that performance and the balance is secured. However, some companies often make the mistake of placing the worker in a job more or less than its capacity. In the first case, the employee responsible will feel frustrated, it does not get more than failures and warnings-logical, by their immediate bosses, in the second case, if the employee is qualified to perform the assigned tasks above, a eventually will be unhappy and unmotivated, resulting in poor performance.

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