Italian Division

The war began 152 Division 1 team and 2 motorized regiment Wehrmacht, 16 Finnish divisions and 3 brigades, 4 Hungarian team, 13 Rumanian divisions and 9 brigades, 3 Italian Division, 2 Slovak division and 1 brigade. Most of them have experience of warfare were well equipped and armed – in Germany at that time worked almost the entire industry in Europe. On the eve of war reports General Staff of the Wehrmacht on the status of the Red Army reported that its weakness lies in the fear of liability to the commanders, which was caused by the pre-war purges in the army. The view of Stalin that the Red Army soldiers better die than be in an enemy prisoner was enshrined in the Soviet legislation. 'Regulations on Military Crimes' in 1927 was set equal terms' surrender' and 'voluntary transition to the side enemy ', which is punishable by firing squad and confiscation of property. In addition, the defenders will affect the lack of reliable rear. Even if the Soviet soldiers and officers against all odds kept the death, in the rear of them have already been burning cities, which mercilessly bombed by German planes.

Warriors feel anxiety for the fate of loved ones. Refugee flows replenish the sea captives. The atmosphere of panic the first few weeks of the war also played into the hands of an assailant and did not allow soberly assess the situation and make the right decision to fight the invaders. In the order of the People's Commissar of Defence of ussr 270 from August 16, 1941 stated: 'commanders and political workers during the battle disrupting decals and defecting to the rear or surrendering a prisoner to the enemy, take malicious deserter whose families subject to arrest relatives of violating the oath of office and betrayed his country deserters Oblige each soldier regardless of his or her position to demand from a superior officer, if part of it is surrounded, to fight to the last opportunity to break through to his own, and if a boss or a portion of Red instead of organizing resistance to the enemy choose to give him a prisoner – to destroy them by all means, both ground and air, and families who have surrendered to the Red Army prisoners deprived of state allowances and by '

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