International Day Of Peasant Struggle

Latin America has concerns that can not be ignored. what has been throughout its history the peasant struggle, suffering, hardship that the peasantry has faced on April 17 held its conclusion, eco portal. net provides us about it, that organizations of small farmers and their allies celebrated the International Day of Peasant’s Struggle commemorating the massacre and 12 years ago of 19 landless workers who fought for land in Brazil. Today dozens of groups, communities and organizations in over 24 countries worldwide organized more than 50 actions: farmers’ markets, conferences, direct actions, cultural activities and demonstrations. . . to defend their right to food and their right to be a source of food for their communities. In Jakarta, the Indonesian Peasant‘s Union (SPI) along with other unions, human rights associations, fishermen, women’s organizations and other groups are having a general assembly against transnational corporations.

Henri Saraigh general coordinator of the peasant movement La Via Campesina International opened the event saying: “Today is the day when communities raise their voices silenced. Farmers and rural people represent almost half the population of the earth, yet our voices are heard and our concerns are ignored. Too often we have been marginalized, impoverished and oppressed. But on April 17 we celebrate our struggle for life! The fact that hundreds of organizations mobilized on April 17, in various countries, on the occasion of International Day of Peasant Struggle. During the day, made their claims about the comprehensive agrarian reform, food sovereignty, GM-free production and pesticides, and the humanization of life in the country, seriously affected by the transnationalization and their purely commercial vision.

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