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So called interview with the artist Olga Sobinkovoy that came in just appeared out of print April issue of "Egoist generation. Ab ovo – a Latin phrase – from eggs or from the very beginning – from the 'Science Poetry' Horace. Author Interview – Natalie Zhebit – an interview with the artist about old traditions of Easter activities, and the old Russian icon painting technique, which she skillfully employs in his work. Olga Sobinkova, graphic artist, member of the Artists and the International Arts Foundation, and the creative union of "the horizon of" deals not only with iconography, but also a secular painting. She paints landscapes, portraits, paintings on the theme of prophetic dreams of happiness, creates unique linocuts. And her works are in many private collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Holland and Malta. The artist is professionally engaged in book graphic that resembles in its the performance of my favorite books of the past, where each image is created of the human hand and therefore remains in memory forever.

But the biggest revelation is the work of Olga Easter iconographical Sobinkovoy that she performs on a tree in the ancient artistic traditions – is the icon of holidays, Mother of God … And this work for many years she successfully represented in the international exhibition of Easter Volfville. Such exhibitions are beginning to held today in our country. Abroad, however, eggs do not just give each other on a holiday, as we have in Russia, but also collect. And very much appreciated the work of these masters. It should be noted that the iconographical Easter work on the tree brought in foreign exhibitions few artists from Russia, and among them in the first place – Olga Sobinkova.

Tradition of painting Easter eggs in Russia more than one century. Royal court ordered constantly Easter eggs as a secular expensive gifts from the masters of the Armory, as well as famous artists and painters. As subjects for painting using traditional ornaments, paintings, but special took place – icons … The theologian and philosopher Paul Florensky in the book "iconostasis" states that "… an icon, as a phenomenon of energy, light of a spiritual nature, but rather, by the grace of God, there are more than wishes consider it a thought …. " Work Olga Sobinkovoy – this is exactly what most. It is not only a serious professional education and experience – are used to this, but also a special spiritual gift. Information Center "Nonlinear Communication"

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