Induction Brazing soldering HDTV

The plot details, which must be heated is placed in a coil – inductor. In inductor miss the high frequency currents. Thus there is a heating necessary plot details. In order to detail has not been oxidation, it is placed in a vacuum, or use fluxes. Inductor has a loop shape (spiral) inductor is made of red copper. The size and type of inductor is directly dependent on payaemoy details, and therefore must be performed by many inductors of different shapes and sizes.

There are two types of induction brazing: 1) the inducer and the detail is not mobile, and 2) when there is movement of any component or inductor. Reasons for induction brazing has been widely applied in industry, the following: 1) the ability to heat the entire piece is not about a specific area, and 2) the ability to control the action as a means of devices, and personally, and 3) an opportunity to reduce human involvement in the process in Depending on the material of construction of the detail and structure payaemogo node selects the frequency and power generator. The range of frequencies that are used in the induction brazing of 1 to 1.76 MHz. This range allows heating parts of different sizes, from the details are quite large-up circuits. Induction brazing. Power sources. The most common sources of supply, which are used in the induction soldering – it tube generators.

Frequency of tube generators 66 and 44 – (for induction brazing, usually using the current 150 – 600kGts). But these generators have a drawback – they consume a lot of energy, and now the problem energy conservation is emphasized. Are also used and engine generators. Using no more transistors can coerce the production of new energy-efficient, not complicated to use and is not large size units of hd. Induction brazing. Advantages: 1) High heating rate details (from 100 to 250 C per second), 2) Induction brazing is a high performance, 3) induction brazing allows you to automate and mechanize the work. Induction brazing has differences with other types of rations, namely, that the induction brazing energy arises in the details, due to the influence of high frequency currents, and not taken from the outside. In order to inductor is not melted and overheated it is cooled by water. Application of induction brazing solder allows any material that conducts electricity (various metals, alloys, ceramics, even covered metal-coated).

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