Ferocious Wolf

Ramon Santaularia/the detractors of Erdogan and adversaries of Islam fear that Turkish prime minister can be perpetuated in the power. The elections of this Sunday will give with a victory (except for enormous surprise) of Erdogan. Today, those that feared Islam of this, think that their fears were unfounded and exaggerated. The opposition fears a constitutional reform that would arrive based on the majority that secures east Sunday. The ferocious wolf of Islam that represented Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, did not come, in spite of the most pessimistic auguries of lay and detractive activists of this pragmatic and charismatic politician.

On the eve of the general elections of July of 2007 officials government, analysts and the most adverse press to the moderate islamists of the Divided governor of Justice and Desarrollo (AKP they saw) it with apprehension and like the sepulturero of the modern Turkish lay State, founded by Kemal Atatrk on 1923. Four years later the adversaries of Islam observe rather with anguish that Erdogan can be perpetuated in the power, first if it later gains the general elections of this Sunday like j of the government (by third consecutive time) and like a president with ample executive authorities following the model French. " agenda secreta" of the islamists to turn to Turkey into a State of it cuts Islamic must have been in some recondite ideological closet, judging by the little samples of will of Erdogan and the president, Abdullah Gl, to carry out so clucked deep religious transformation of the euroasitico country. The restriction of sales of spirits in some supermarkets, the free access of feminine students to university buildings with the traditional handkerchief of head, an article that share the spouses of Erdogan and Gl, and the awarding of positions of the AKP in Justice, ministries and administration of education are some of the samples more perceivable than they had raised the mistrusts in this sense.

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