Exotic Breeds

Many breeders overseas nurseries spoil the product, in this case, kittens, before implementation and apply early castration of kids. Imagine if they were castrated and sterilized cats up to 3 months of age, without any medical indications! Such unjustified cruelty is based solely on a desire on any pretext to get rid of potential rivals in the breeding and thereby preserve the income of his kennel. As is well known Persian kittens 3 months of age is equivalent to six year old child. Imagine what kind of damage throughout the body the animal cause the accident, as it will slow the development of an organism, and with it any associated diseases, such as obesity, urolithiasis, cardiovascular and other abnormalities of the body. With all the merits of Persians and Exotics, with their high popularity among cat lovers, despite the fact that these cat breeds are a true ornament cat shows any level – and these are breeders of cats, which deliberately prevent the spread of the Persians and Exotics, especially in Russia. The reason is simple – money, that is, income of these breeders associated with their business activities for the breeding of purebred animals.

Typically, these activities are not legitimate breeders kennels, because no one has registered with the tax authorities and pay taxes. Yes, we are talking about foreign nurseries in Russia. This is when a citizen of the nursery open to foreign organizations, such as WCF, CFA, FIFE, GCCF, TICA, etc., receive documents by mail to the labels themselves aktiruyut kittens, and offer them for sale. Convenience content of the Persians and Exotics in city apartments has the attention of both fans longhaired cat breeds who prefer the parade to the Persians, and amateur short-haired breeds, who are attracted by exotic. There certain advantages from the Persians and Exotics in home maintenance. For example, the Persians long hair – it takes some time for daily grooming, but it saves the owners from animal fur flying around the apartment, as long wool Persian always on the floor.

In Exotics have another advantage – it is their short and Ivy coat that shines like velvet fingertips, and creates a magical effect of pressure stimulation in humans. By the way, Exotic wool requires much less time for daily grooming. Castration of animals a year, for obvious indications – it is a necessary measure, which is perceived by the development of organisms with minimal losses. However, early castration in the heyday and the early development of the organism – it's a disaster, to justify that no one can, well, except a huge desire to get rid of future competitors. The vicious practice is now implanted in the environment Breeders contrary to common sense, but here every pet owner the right to decide for itself, given its position on the issue of early neutering kittens. I believe that reasonable people much more than a cruel breeders with obsessive attraction to cruelty. Believe that through common sense, many owners elect not dead-end road castration breeding stock, and the path of development and improvement of such beautiful and unique breeds cats, both Persian and exotic, to see this just look at the photos of Persian cats.

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